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  ASHARA OHBAT 1441 H With Hamd and Shukr and encouragement and support of my readers, in humility beginning my personal OHBAT by sharing excerpts from book readings to understand the historical events leading to the Tragedy of Karbala. Feedbacks received from a few to whome I am deeply indebted have requested me to share […]

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Eid Day Thoughts under Lockdown

Sharing some thoughts on this Eid Day. When the Lockdown started on 25th March India had 618 cases with 13 deaths. The Modi Government received accolades for taking the right step quite early to contain the pandemic. Then followed Thali banging and diya lighting and after initial adjustments as the days passed everyone was well […]

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Sehrullah 19th Vaaz Mubarak Tassavurat – 16 bottles & Human Greed

Sajada’t us Shukr for the azeem ne’amat of world wide vaaz relay under difficult lockdown conditions resulting from Covid 19 pandemic. Sharing my Taffakur and tassavurat resulting from the bayan of kimya ( Alchemy). A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula is our spiritual alchemist who changes our baser souls into radiant gold – a Hadiyah befitting to […]

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Today let me share the most vital and sanitizing THOUGHT that will cleanse your mind of all negative clutter, invigorate (chetna jagavu) of your heart and soul and heal your body. In these days I think you need that the most. Hope you agree. That thought is Dikhr ( Zikr) of ALLAH and the best […]


Does Corona Virus distinguish between ME and THEM ? – a reflective piece under Lockdown

A reflective write up with underlying message, written under Lockdown. Does the Corona Virus distinguish between ME and THEM Sitting at home , with my daily morning walks in the Society also put on hold I am turning into moron, frequently staring out blank from my window and dozing off intermittently. However, the following news […]

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