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  ASHARA OHBAT 1441 H With Hamd and Shukr and encouragement and support of my readers, in humility beginning my personal OHBAT by sharing excerpts from book readings to understand the historical events leading to the Tragedy of Karbala. Feedbacks received from a few to whome I am deeply indebted have requested me to share […]

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  As Kashmir enters the fourth week of lockdown I share with my readers a wake up call for the majority Government  in Power. Hope my historical narrative without any inferences but simply facts  will reach the corridors of power and some good will surely  emerge from it. Now turning to the pages of history. […]



Mumineen let us travel back in time. We find ourselves in the bazar of Kufah on 12 th Muharram 61 AH ( 13th October 680 AD). The first majlis-e-Hussain was recited in the market-place of Kufah by Moulatena Zainab (AS) from whose head her veil had been ripped off, whose hopes and aspirations had been […]

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Post – 3

From Hajir Imam Husyn sent out a letter to the people of Kufah through Qays b. Mushir Saydawi. In the letter he informed that he has received letter from Muslim b. Aquil informing of the positive and supportive attitude, and the concenseous of your leaders to restore our rights. He also informed them that he […]

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POST – 2

Maqil the spy succeeded in getting an audience with Muslim bin Aquil and thus came to know that he was staying at the house of Hani bin Urwah. Shortly Hani was summoned to the Palace and he forcefully denied any knowledge. When Ibn Ziyad called upon Makil and asked him if he knew Hani and […]

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Repentance -Istigfar requires five elements 01. The first and foremost is recognition of one’s sin as sin, which largely depends upon one’s intelligence and moral consciousness. Moral consciousness is formed by adhering to the tenets of deen, imbibing values cherished by our beloved Aqa Moula (TUS)etc: For an intelligent and devout mumineen, a small transgression […]