Is COVID 19 a wronged soul ?

Have been reflecting and trying to the pandemic in the light of the little knowledge gained by reading and reflection. Like the Arabi ( desert dweller – a simpleton ) who asked the Nabi ( SA) about the ‘rope’ I in similar vain and like an Arabi having no scholastic knowledge am trying to seek […]

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Eid Day Thoughts under Lockdown

Sharing some thoughts on this Eid Day. When the Lockdown started on 25th March India had 618 cases with 13 deaths. The Modi Government received accolades for taking the right step quite early to contain the pandemic. Then followed Thali banging and diya lighting and after initial adjustments as the days passed everyone was well […]

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Sehrullah 19th Vaaz Mubarak Tassavurat – 16 bottles & Human Greed

Sajada’t us Shukr for the azeem ne’amat of world wide vaaz relay under difficult lockdown conditions resulting from Covid 19 pandemic. Sharing my Taffakur and tassavurat resulting from the bayan of kimya ( Alchemy). A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula is our spiritual alchemist who changes our baser souls into radiant gold – a Hadiyah befitting to […]

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