REPENTANCE  Repentance, a rope from Allah above,A lifeline for His servants with love,A constant state of remorse and regret,For every wrong action we can’t forget. The awliya’ repent in a subtle shift,In hue and tone of their thoughts that drift,The pure abandon what oppresses them,Their repentance lies in that calm gem. The elite feel remorse […]

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From the end of the last Ice Age over last 10,000 years the world has lost one-third of its forests. An area twice the size of the United States. What is alarming that between the time I got to hold my first teddy ( that too of the photographer)  and till my holding multiple during […]



QiyamAs we stand in prayer, we face the qiblahDespairing of this world, feeling Allah’s powerKnowing we will stand before Him, on that day RukuWe bow in ruku, adorned with Allah’s lightShaded in the greatness of His beingClothed in the garment of His purityRuku first, then sujood, courtesy and nearnessKeeping our backs straight, seeking His help […]

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Pride, a seed of disbelief,A plant that grows with hypocrisy as earth,Transgression as its water,nourishesIn the branches of ignorance, it finds its worth. Leaves of misguidance, fruit of eternal curse,This is the path of pride, chosen by few,Unaware of the end, they rejoice in their verse,Proud of their actions, little do they construe. For whoever […]

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Humility, a virtue so pureEmbraces every precious rank for sureIt’s the path to attain Allah’s nearnessAnd His pleasure, a reward of meekness The root of this virtue lies withinThe Majesty, Awe, Immensity of HimAllah, the Supreme, the Most HighWhose Glory fills the earth and sky True nobility is for those who are humbleFor those who […]

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OH ! SLEEP. Oh sleep, the tranquil balm of night,Imam Jafar as-Sadiq taught us right,A gift from the Almighty’s might,To heal our souls and make us bright. As we lay down in peaceful repose,Our spirits rest and our bodies doze,In dreams, we travel where no one knows,And leave behind our earthly woes. Imam Jafar as-Sadiq […]

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In the pursuit of Taqwa,A God-fearing heart we seekTo close the gates of our limbsAnd guard against all that is bleak With three principles at handWe strive to be scrupulous and justTo overlook the faults of othersAnd avoid actions that may disgust Truthfulness and purity we seekIn all our words and transactionsLeaving behind all doubtful […]

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Truthfulness, a light that shines so bright,Its radiance, a reality that’s divine lightLike the sun that illuminates earth and skyTruth like sun beam lights up soul and mind A truthful person, like the first AdamTrusting, simple, transparent like a dewSatan took advantage of his simple natureLed him astray with falsehood  – a  traitor But on […]



Haughtiness and Humility. Quran Surah 2 Ayat 9They desire to deceive Allah and those who believe, and they deceive  only themselves and they do not perceive Haughtiness, oh how it lures,To attract attention and applauseWith lavish displays of wealth and class,And a facade of piety that will not last. But beware, for Allah sees all,And […]



In every breath we take,Shukr Shukr, a thousand times or more,Is incumbent upon us,To show gratitude to the One we adore. The minimum  gratitude we can dois to realise  that the blessing comes from AllahThe cause may be differentbut from Allah it comes is true. Shukr entails  being satisfied with what is given; it means […]

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