Freeing the Butterfly Within – Muharram Lectures – my notes and reflections.

Alhamdolillah. We all have been blessed with the sharaf of vaaz, the fortunate in the presence of Aqa Moula (TUS) at Houston. As the kafla of Husain journeys along bearing insurmountable pain and suffering I have been hearing Muharram Lectures of Br. Khaleel Jafer. Sharing my first note and reflections on the topic of ” […]

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Community Service – khidmat

Syedna al-Dai al-Ajal TUS spoke at length of the nature of honeybees, their reverence for the queen bee as well as the queen bee’s care for them. In the manner in which a bee consumes the nectar of various flowering plants, Maula encouraged Mumineen to advance is their respective fields, be it medicine, architecture, engineering, […]

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