Post – 3

From Hajir Imam Husyn sent out a letter to the people of Kufah through Qays b. Mushir Saydawi. In the letter he informed that he has received letter from Muslim b. Aquil informing of the positive and supportive attitude, and the concenseous of your leaders to restore our rights. He also informed them that he […]

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POST – 2

Maqil the spy succeeded in getting an audience with Muslim bin Aquil and thus came to know that he was staying at the house of Hani bin Urwah. Shortly Hani was summoned to the Palace and he forcefully denied any knowledge. When Ibn Ziyad called upon Makil and asked him if he knew Hani and […]

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POST – 1

  ASHARA OHBAT 1441 H With Hamd and Shukr and encouragement and support of my readers, in humility beginning my personal OHBAT by sharing excerpts from book readings to understand the historical events leading to the Tragedy of Karbala. Feedbacks received from a few to whome I am deeply indebted have requested me to share […]

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