Az’harul Noha wa Aweel

For ┬áthe past three years on the irshadat’s of Ali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula, we mumineen are doing ‘azm ‘ during Sehrullah to perform Az’harul Noha wa Aweel, each passing year with more understanding and intensity. Our world has witnessed many holocosts and tragedies resulting from World Wars, Terrorist acts, where millions of innocent lives […]

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OOTY – the pride of Nilgiri

Memorable three days were spent with family in Ooty at Sterling Fern. The resort has vast open spaces, with fun filled activity areas for children and a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The evening chill and cold nights were a welcome change from the heat of the plains. A three hour drive through the […]

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Finally after many years of wishful thinking landed in US, a few hiccups months prior to departure were a cause of worry – for me it was now or never. Thankfully I was able to travel and so very exited, and after 21 hrs of air travel including stop over, (with cheap air tickets you […]


Demonitisation Tamasha

The night of 8th Nov: 2016 will be for ever etched in the hearts and the minds of Indians. For the past five days each waking and at times sleeping hours have been hijacked completely by HDN which took a royal bow at the midnight hour, and left the entire nation in a state of […]

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