Finally after many years of wishful thinking landed in US, a few hiccups months prior to departure were a cause of worry – for me it was now or never. Thankfully I was able to travel and so very exited, and after 21 hrs of air travel including stop over, (with cheap air tickets you […]


Demonitisation Tamasha

The night of 8th Nov: 2016 will be for ever etched in the hearts and the minds of Indians. For the past five days each waking and at times sleeping hours have been hijacked completely by HDN which took a royal bow at the midnight hour, and left the entire nation in a state of […]

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My Quest to understand Tawheed

The mountain beckoned and knowing the path to be trekked will be difficult, I was confident that my QUEST will open up some hidden trails among the difficult and rugged mountain terrains, which will lead me to understand the truth. My climb was not in vain,as you will surely agree if you trek along with […]

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The Four Rivers of Jannah

On 8th Muharram 1438 H the world wide community of mumineen received the sharaf of video relay of 1411 H Muharram Dar es Salaam Vaaz Mubarak of Hay’ul Muqaddas Mohammad Burhanddin Moula (RA). Moula did bayan of the four rivers of Jannah in the context of Fatemi uloom. These everflowing and overflowing rivers of Jannah, […]

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