For the past centuries and recent decades, the world is seeing a marked increase in life expentancy.

In the 19th century the world average was 28 to 32 years. 1950 it increased to 45 to 48 years  and in 2020 it stands at 72 to 73 years.
Ask most of the people if they like to live for a long time, and they will say yes, but only if they can stay healthy. 
But what if you were in your 80 and had the energy and stamina of someone much younger. Is it possible.  YES is the answer.  Dr. David Sinclair, a genetics professor, at a Harvard University,  author and leading expert in longevity says that the tools to reverse ageing are within our grasp.
Dr. Sinclair has put in more than 20 years of research in the field on longevity and in 2014 was voted along with Jeff Bezos by Times as one of the 100  most influence people in the world.
Ageing he says, is equivalent of a scratched CD – the music is still there in our DNA but our cells as we age are not able to read it. 
Dr. Sinclair takes three different ‘ longevity molecules’ daily. One of the drug that is generating much enthusiasm in the longevity circle is NMN ( Nicotanamide mononuceotide, a molecule naturally occurring in all life forms)

NMN has been shown to reverse the age, in mice in Sinclair lab. An older mouse given the drug , he notes not only grew new blood vessels, but began to outrun the younger mice on the tread mill. !! 
Sinclair cautions  that he is a reserch scientist and not a Doctor,  so for the present much study by the medical community is needed, however, he says the three supplements he is taking has made him stronger, than he was 20 years ago. 
His father living in Australia and in his 80s is taking this supplements and has become more active and energetic. 
Article by  Janice Dunn. May 17, 2021
After watching The Harvard video – The Art of Ageing and reading about the research work of Dr. Sinclair and myself being 72 years with multiple health issues, having to take a number of different pills to address different health issues, (At Harvard and other Universities research is actively being carried out to find a single pill which will take care of 20 different health problems of the elderly.)
Naturally I was exited and to my surprise found many medications, some available on Amazon of NMN drug. !!
Fortunately my son in law is an MD and I turn to him always for medical advice. On receiving his advice my initial euphoria to look and act like fifty, if Allah blesses me with a long life of 80 or more :)) fizzled out.
However, many studies have been conducted on Super Agers, and all is not lost for seniors like us, to live an active life. Let me share all the positive news. 
Till the time NMN pills receive drug certification, one can eat broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and avacado in which NMN is found naturally. 
More important is life style changes which will greatly benefit. 
For seniors as of now till the drug is patented and approved moving out of your comfort zone is the key to staying mentally and physically active. 
Studies of life style of Super Agers who exhibit  cognitive function that is comparable to that of an average middle aged individual, brain scan results have found that Super Agers exhibit less brain volume loss. 
Common habits of Super Agers. 
 They live an active lifestyle. Regular moderate exercises and maintain healthy weight.

They continue to challenge themselves. Mental activity is as important as physical activity. If solving puzzles or Soduku does not appeal to you, do not fret. Mental activity comes in many forms, read articles on subject with which you are not familiar. 
This write up is the result of myself trying to read and understand medical articles.
They are social butterflies. Try to connect and be in touch with family and friends. With Internet it is so very easy although your loved ones, your children may be in different continents. My two children live in two different continents.
They indulge themselves in small pleasures and past times, and are not afraid to goof around and spread cheer and happiness. 
CHEERS ! Starting 2022 on a positive note. You never know by the end of the year my article may feature in a medical journal. HA ! HA ! 


  1. A nice dive into medical deep by an non medico enthuuist.
    It was interesting read giving many elders one more reason to look forward.
    It is is surprising that though scientist and innovators have challenged dark distant space and deepest oceans very few have delved into the stark reality of Ageing with aim of reversing and attain immortality.
    Here hope we see that soon .
    Waiting to read more such gems from you

    Liked by 1 person

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