Curtains Down 2021

Year end message for the Seniors and also middle aged having senior mentality :))

For me this year from the beginning has been full of challenges and health issues, not serious requiring hospitalization but frequent doctor consultations and visits.
Just recovered from Covid a month back.

However, in Hamd & Shukr I look back with fondness at the good work I have been blessed to do this year, my small life achievements. Looking forward to live an enriching and purposeful life in the coming year InsaAllah. In need of your prayers and good wishes.

Sharing a very positive message as it is curtain down 2021.

Clint Eastwood aged 91 now was one Sunday playing golf with his friend Toby Keith and confided that he would be celebrating his 88th  Birthday next week.

Toby asked him what he would do on his BD and he said he would go to work (acting )

Toby next asked what is your secret and he said DONT LET THE OLD MAN IN.

The very next day Toby Keith penned a meaningful song titled ‘Don’t let the old man in’ and Clint Eastwood featured in the music video.

So readers my mantra for 2022.

Do Hamd & Shukr, count your blessings each day,  be in Awe and live an enriching and purposeful life. My prayers and wishes for all my readers and well wishers.

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