EK NAZAR – A Life Transforming story of a Mumina Bhen


Before sharing her life transforming story, let us understand her medical condition.
She has  a heredity disease –
Familial dilated cardiomyopathy , a genetic form of heart disease. It occurs when heart (cardiac) muscle becomes thin and weakened in at least one chamber of the heart, causing the open area of the chamber to become enlarged (dilated). As a result, the heart is unable to pump blood as efficiently as usual.

She  lost her younger brother many years ago and recently a younger sister to this disease.

Now returning to her narrative. She  travelled to Mumbai to attend Ashara Mubaraka Vaaz, with her family, and there  developed severe symptoms, and with water accumulating in the lungs, her heart was working at ten percent.

She used to receive the Barakat of vaaz Mubarak in Huseini Masjid.

Her condition was very weak, and  used to vomit the medicines prescribed by the Doctor under whome she was being treated.

On 7th Muharram something nudged her  to hear vaaz from Rozat Tahera and also do ziyarat.

Although it was full to capacity the volunteers seeing her condition and being moved by her earnest plea, allowed her to sit on the steps of Rozat.

She had given her  family contacts to a volunteer saying if need be, he can contact her sons and son in law.

After vaaz Burhanuddin Moula ( RA) arrived at Rozat and as usual gave deedar Sharaf from all the four doors.

She distinctly recalls  the life changing moment as she  sat with folded hands. Burhanuddin Moula lowered his glasses and looked directly at her O ! what a moment,  a moment frozen in time and space, never to be forgotten.

Thereafter she lost consciousness  and her children  on receiving the call came to Rozat and on the very same day she was admitted to Saifee Hospital under Dr. Shabbir Baldiwala.

Water from lungs was removed and medicines started working and on Ashura Day she was wheeled to hear relay and again transferred to her cabin.

Under his treatment her heart condition improved and started working at thirty percent.

Thereafter she attended Chelum vaaz and her family was blessed with Ziyafat Sharaf and her youngest son nikah was solemenized by Burhanuddin Moula (RA)

Although her heart condition all these years has been weak, in Hamd & Shukr she  narrated  the blessings and plentiful bounties she has received since the EK NAZAR of 1433 H.

Since then she has attended regularly all Muharram miqaats, travelled to US – London – East Africa – Colombo etc: Kun safar with Aqa Moula, Kathiawar ziyarat several times and her  family has received Sharaf of many ziyafats, kadam mubaraks over the past years.

Inspite of her  weak heart conditions she has  actively participated in the khidmat of Hay’yul Muqaddas Burhanuddin Moula ( RA) and A’ali Qadr Muffadal Moula ( TUS) and has  been attending sabaks and actively participated in community activities

She feels  so blessed and overwhelmed, and after reading a ‘write up’ on Happiness, she  decided to share her  life transforming story on WhatsApp chat with the sole niyat of doing Hamd, Shukr and zikr of beve Moula.

MY NOTE :  I was indebted and overwhelmed when a Mumina bhen shared her life transforming story on Whats App chat and I was in Awe and requested her to allow me to ‘pen’ it for her.

My niyat is to inspire awe and reverence of beve Moula on reading this life transforming story.

I am of firm belief that on reading it will help my readers to take up life challenges
knowing that our beloved Aqa Moula’s Nazar and Dua mubarak and our positive attitude in life, the Hakuna Matata philosophy – whatever will be, will be…. will help us in living a rich eventful life.

May Allah grant my beloved Aqa Moula ( TUS ) sehato a’afiyat ta kiyamat. Ameen.

Would be obliged to receive your comments and feedback. With positively let us make this life worth living no matter what obstacles come our way.


4 thoughts on “EK NAZAR – A Life Transforming story of a Mumina Bhen

  1. Wow. Simply WOW. There are no words to express the Shukr and Ehsanaat of Aqa Maula TUS and Aqa Maula Burhanuddin Maula RA. Long live Aqa Maula TUS, our beloved Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.

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  2. Thankful for having narrated the life changing events in the life of mumena bahen. No doubt Ek Nazar of Aqua Maula RA & Ek Nazar of Aqua Maula(TUS) works wonder. Their Dua can cure any ailment which no medical science can cure. May our Maula(TUS) be with us ever always

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  3. Mola Ek Nazar
    Ai Mola Ek Nazar

    Hamesha aa ilteja karye che ,,Ai Mola
    The true meaning of Ek Nazar comes clear through this narrative.

    Shukar Alhamdolillah aa mola Na saaya ma hamney wasnaar kida.

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