Nahjul Balagha

Relationship of man to the world in the light of Nahjul Balagha  teachings.

Moulana Ali ( SA) teachings.

The  the world is a good place, but only for him who knows that it is not a permanent abode, but only a road or a caravanserai.

What a good abode it is for him who would not want to make it a home.

This world indeed is a transit camp, whereas the Hereafter is a place of permanent abode. So take from the transit what you need for your destination.

The view point of Islam is that
the relation of man to the world is not that of a prisoner with his prison; or that of one entrapped in a well, rather it is the kind of relation that exists between a farmer and his farm , or a merchant and the marketplace.

The world, from the Islamic point of view, is a school for man, his training ground, and the place where he can acquire perfection.

In the presence of Moulana Ali ( SA) a man condemned the world, and he was rebuked and Ali (SA)  informed him of his error.

Shaykh Farid al-Din ‘Attar has rendered this incident into verse in his Musibat Nameh thus :

In the presence of the Tiger of Providence, A man denounced the world with vehemence.
“The world “, exclaimed Hayder, “is not to be blamed “.
Wretched are you, being far from wisdom.
The world, son, is a farm to be attended to day and night.
Whatsoever is of the honour and riches of faith,
And in all it is to be acquired from this world.
Tomorrow’s fruit is the blooming of today’s seed;
And one who is idle here, shall taste the bitter fruit of regret.
The world is the best place for you, Where in you can prepare provision for the Hereafter.
Go into the world, but do not  get immersed in the ego.
And prepare yourself for the other world. If you act thus, the world will suit you, Hence befriend the world just for this aim.

Aqa Moula’s irshada’ts also exhort us mumineen to make best and beneficial use of the worldly bounties for the everlasting abode of Akherat.

You take regular walks and maintain physical fitness, not only to enjoy the pleasures of this world ( no harm in enjoying the ‘halal’) at the same time to offer Ibada’t, to perform ‘matam’ to participate enthusiastically in ‘ khidmat’ of the marginalised, to depart from this world fully loaded with ‘ a’maals ‘ that will enrich your everlasting Akherat.

Dua ni iltemas.

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