Burhani Medical Idara Webinar & My Story

So in the light of the recent webinar on  health and well being through regular  walking and other forms of physical activities and special advice for elders above 60 to  take physiotherapy sessions so that they can perform their daily namaz with proper ‘arkans’  and carry on independly their normal chores,  I  share my story. ( Age 72 )

Walking is still an issue, I sway like a rocking boat on account of my inability to maintain balance, but in namaz I have overcome my disability, and that is a source of great satisfaction. 


As for my MRI report, I distinctly recall the words of the physio therapist, who after examining had commented, that I should not bend forward, should not walk much, and utmost care should be taken, or else I will be completely bed ridden.

‘The findings are suggestive of sacralisation of L5 with degenerative changes in lumbar spine. Postero lateral disc herniation at L1, L2 to L4, L-5 are compressing the thecal sac, cauda equine nerve roots and both neural foramina with encroachment on both exiting L4 nerve roots. There is secondary central canal stenosis at these levels, particularly at L-2 L3 & L4 levels. Spinal canal at L5- S1 is narrowed due to sacralisation. ‘
Dr. S.K. Sharma MD

( Medical fraternity will understand how bad was my problem and was adviced to undergo ‘ spinal surgery’ but Hayyul Muqaddas Burhanuddin Moula’s reply to my arz ‘ Shifa ‘ simply one word, ruled out surgery.

2008. I climbed Mount Zimarmar  (Yemen) with the help of stick.


2020/2021 Lockdown resulted in my being home bound as the rest of the world. Although I tried to maintain some physical activity, the physological and physical effects manisfested in my condition detoriating further.

Since Jan 2021 I was forced to undertake regular physiotherapy sessions, and although no miracle has happened I am able to perform salaat with proper arkans, that was the goal set, except for slight hold on the side chair during ‘ kira’at’ as balance is a major issue.    

Three months ago I was walking regularly for half an hour in the society grounds each day, but had to discontinue on account of back strain and other UTI issues.

Now after the webinar and Aqa Moula’s irshada’t that walking is a good exercise I have resolved to give it a try pronto from Jumoa today. Consultated my physiotherapist – Dr. Moiz Sheikh and he also concurred readily.

Insa Allah will try to share some exercises to decrease the stiffness of joints and muscles, gentle strech and strengthen movement, so that in the least you can perform namaz with proper ‘arkans’.  Dr. Moiz Sheikh will be giving his expert inputs. InsaAllah.


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