Eid Day Thoughts under Lockdown

Sharing some thoughts on this Eid Day. When the Lockdown started on 25th March India had 618 cases with 13 deaths.

The Modi Government received accolades for taking the right step quite early to contain the pandemic. Then followed Thali banging and diya lighting and after initial adjustments as the days passed everyone was well settled.

Living in a gated society proved a real blessings for seniors like us. Quality products, and fruits and vegetables direct from farms were delivered at our premises on regular basis.

Society ladies shared their culinery skills and children shared their art and craft talents and the husbands help and encouragement drove the house maids into oblivion.

It seemed like heaven. The plight and woes of the migrant workers was an irritant for all those who were enjoying the bonhomie of family togetherness.

As days went by the cases started to increase and I wondered why OH why ?

Our month of Fasting and prayers started on 24th April 2020.I went into a spiritual retreat like never before in my entire life. Believe me I had not even stepped out in to my floor passage the entire month. Fortunate to have a devoted wife who gave me two haircuts during this period and dutifully lugged in the required milk, eggs and groceries from the main gate as and when required

The Covid 19 cases at the start of my spiritual Ramazan retreat were 23,452 with 723 deaths.

Each day of Ramazan after Bawisa tilawat each night I fervently beseeched Allah to safeguard the entire humanity from this pandemic. But Covid 19 cases were for ever rising and on our Eid Day India Covid 19 cases stood at 1,31,868 and 3867 deaths.

Again the same question Why OH Why ?

The entire Ramazan month I was fully occupied reading and sharing the historical narrative of the life and times of our beloved Nabi ( SA) Alhamdolillah.

With lockdown restrictions being slowly eased in the coming week, being a senior no question of my venturing out, so I have to adjust with this Lockdown life for many months ahead.

Islam encourages to reflect, think and ask questions.
So have decided to reflect, read and to find an answer as to why Covid 19 this tiny winy virus is out there to ruin our lives. Why OH why ?

In the meantime have been observing that the bonhomie of family life enjoyed by Society ladies is wearing thin, with husbands itching to join their businesses and jobs, with lockdown restrictions being slowly eased.

The house maids are finally creeping back into the mindset of Society Ladies. The family honeymoon foundation is developing cracks.

The husbands itching to free them selves from the tentacles of house drudgery – enough is enough – the frequent messages and photo / video shares on chat groups that my husband is the best and most endearing and helpful are a passe.

The Society ladies are itching to get back their house maids but fear of the pandemic is proving a deterrent them. With husbands occupied with their jobs, and now having added excuse to work late or else job at risk blah blah blah , the ladies will have to contend with more house chores minus attention and appreciation they had been accustomed to receive all these past days with husbands dotting around them.

My heart goes out to these Society Ladies, as they come face to face with reality. It is now to be seen how long they can hold out without house maids.

It is interesting to hear their thoughts and discussions on the subject on society chats platforms.

A real incident they say is a lady tenant angrily confronted a Security saying why a house maid is allowed in the Society to which the Security replied ‘ Madam she is a tenant like you and had come down to empty the house dustbin in the Society vat !!! Sad – things have slowly come to this..

For myself after a two day break preparing to tackle Covid 19 head-on. Why Oh Why ? will be the template to work on.

Hope to share some good news soon. Meanwhile, keep praying for me.


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