As Kashmir enters the fourth week of lockdown I share with my readers a wake up call for the majority Government  in Power. Hope my historical narrative without any inferences but simply facts  will reach the corridors of power and some good will surely  emerge from it.

Now turning to the pages of history. Muslims are the followers of Nabi Mohammad (SA) and the tenacity to bear the sufferings stoically  in life, I feel is largely derived from the siraat of  Nabi ( SA). The Kashmiri population is doing just that as of now.

In the 7 th Year Hijri ( 616  AD  ) the majority Quraish after trying for many years to stop Muhammad ( SA) from preaching his new religion asked the Hashemites, the tribe to which Muhammad ( SA) belonged and whose patriarch at that time was Moulana Abu Talib to hand over the Nabi ( SA) to them to be dealt with.

The staunch refusal was metted by the majority Quraish by signing a convenant of total boycott. The small group of Hashemites were forced to move into a small valley which became famous in history as Sh’ib Abu Talib. Here they faced immense difficulty and deprivation and at times the citizens of Makkah could hear the wails of children seeking water and food.

Moulatena Khadija  ( SA) and her family members spent most of their wealth in managing to smuggle in supplies of food and water at great costs, but in all it was a life of deprivation. Many days with little or no food, water and no income.

Now here is the surprise of surprise – an eye opener for those who are willing to understand. The boycott lasted for 3 years !!

In 619 AD the boycott was finally lifted when Quraish realised that they had failed to subjugate the Hashemites who came out of the siege unscathed and with more vigour and high moral and the rest is history.



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