With the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022 the lines between human brain and AI Machine learning is being blurred and is turning out to be a science fiction thriller. Everyone is talking about the impact of GPT in all areas of human endeavour where till a few month ago the human mind remained supreme and unchallenged, now it is having to face a serious contender.

The more I tried to read, understand and use GPT it has taken full hold on me ! Some are predicting a frightening future while others are advocating that human mind has great potential and possibilities and we humans are yet to use and realise it’s immense possibilities.

Yesterday I watched a recitation of Allama Iqbal poem
हमने तुझे जाना है फ़क़त तेरी अता से
I have known You through your gifts.

The narrator  said that while Allama Iqbal was in Cambridge an Englishman while talking with him about his religious belief asked him Had he seen God  ?

At that time what answer he gave is not on record but one thing is sure the question must have awakened his mind for shortly he was to write his famous poem.

As I completed my Fazr namaz an eureka moment popped up.
The  human mind ( that of Allama Iqbal ) had so beautifully articulated and penned a poem to the question had he seen God ?

Now I decided to put the same question on Chat GPT and was all exited to see how it responded.

Can  God be seen ? I asked Chat GPT

I got a very balanced and knowledgeable answer starting as follows ‘ 

The answer to this question depends on one’s religious or philosophical beliefs. In many religious traditions, it is believed that God is a divine and omnipotent being who exists beyond the physical realm and is not limited by the laws of the physical world. Therefore, it is generally believed that God cannot be seen by human beings in a physical sense. .  it continues but for sake if brevity I end here.

If you ask GPT the same question as it is AI the complete answer will be same as the one I received.

However the answer is information and knowledge but not illuminative.

Now coming to Allama Iqbal Poem

हमने तुझे जाना है फ़क़त तेरी अता से
I have known You through your gifts

if one is to read in Urdu one will surely be mesmerized and his soul will light up. This than is the beauty of human mind.

So according to me as of now it is KNOCKOUT and human mind is the WINNER. However, I do not know what the future holds

I am sharing an English translation of a few stanzas, although the translation does not do full justice, on reading you will surely agree to the triumph and sheer beauty of the human mind.

We know You only by Your gifts, O Lord!
The intellect’s eye cannot pierce the veil that shrouds Your Being.
You have given us life, and filled it with beauty;
You have bestowed upon us power, and dignity, and joy.

Every moment that passes is a gift from You,
Every breath we take is a testimony to Your grace.
We are but humble creatures, O Lord,
Yet You have raised us up to the heights of glory.

We seek nothing from You, O Lord,
Save that which You have already given us.
We ask only to be worthy of Your gifts,
To live in Your light, and to die in Your grace.

For You are the beginning and the end of all things,
The One who gives and takes away.
We are but dust in Your hands, O Lord,
But You have fashioned us into vessels of Your love.

From the brightness of the sun, the breeze,
From the sparkle of the moon and stars, and the light,
From the silence of the jungle, the grandeur of the mountains,

From the vastness of the ocean, the mystery of the clouds,
From the flash of lightning, the thunder’s roar.

On and on verse after verse Allama Iqbal goes on illuminating the mind and soul.

The human mind in this instance stands triumphantly over the face down Chat GPT.

Do you agree my dear readers. Your thoughts and comments are welcome

We have to learn to make full use of it’s potential and in this regard Chat GPT can help.



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