Repentance, a rope from Allah above,
A lifeline for His servants with love,
A constant state of remorse and regret,
For every wrong action we can’t forget.

The awliya’ repent in a subtle shift,
In hue and tone of their thoughts that drift,
The pure abandon what oppresses them,
Their repentance lies in that calm gem.

The elite feel remorse for distractions,
From Allah, their focus and satisfaction,
And the common repent for their wrong,
Their hearts heavy with regret’s song.

They wash their inward beings with regret’s water,
Knowing their wrong actions will only falter,
Their weeping and regret, an act of worship,
Their resolve to change, a heavenly trip.

Restraint from worldly appetites they seek,
Allah’s help they implore, not to be meek,
They make up for obligations missed,
And shun bad company, their souls are blissed.

In states of ease and difficulty, they remain,
Seeking Allah’s help to steady their pain,
In trials and afflictions, they stand strong,
Their repentance pure, their souls belong.

May Allah keep them steadfast in their ways,
Elevating their souls in righteous displays,
So they won’t fall from the ranks of repentance,
Their wrong actions purified, their knowledge enhanced.

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