As we stand in prayer, we face the qiblah
Despairing of this world, feeling Allah’s power
Knowing we will stand before Him, on that day

We bow in ruku, adorned with Allah’s light
Shaded in the greatness of His being
Clothed in the garment of His purity
Ruku first, then sujood, courtesy and nearness
Keeping our backs straight, seeking His help

And in sujood, we become utmost humble
Prostrating ourselves like one abased
Knowing we are but created from the earth
Fashioned from impure sperm, born and alive by His Grace 

Sujood is the occasion to draw near to Him
In our heart, innermost being, and spirit

And in tashahhud, we praise Allah
Being a slave to Him, fearful and humble
Joining the truthfulness of our tongue
To the pure truthfulness of our innermost being

And in salam, we find security
Carrying out His command and sunnah with humility and fear
Peace be upon us all, as we stand in prayer
Seeking nearness to Him, seeking His guidance
May our prayers bring us closer to Him
And may we find security in His mercy and love.


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