Humility, a virtue so pure
Embraces every precious rank for sure
It’s the path to attain Allah’s nearness
And His pleasure, a reward of meekness

The root of this virtue lies within
The Majesty, Awe, Immensity of Him
Allah, the Supreme, the Most High
Whose Glory fills the earth and sky

True nobility is for those who are humble
For those who are pure, and never crumble
In the face of temptation and pride
For they know Allah is always by their side

Oh, how blessed are those who show
Humility, in all they do and know
For they are the ones who truly shine
And in Allah’s eyes, they are divine

To be humble is to acknowledge our faults,
And to strive to improve at  every halt,
To respect all beings and treat them right,
Is to be humble and shine so bright.

To be humble is to be like a tree,
Whose branches bend in humility,
To the winds that blow in every direction,
Yet stands firm in its rooted connection

So let us strive to be humble
For humility is a virtue that leads to grace,
And makes our journey to Akherat full of praise

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