Oh sleep, the tranquil balm of night,
Imam Jafar as-Sadiq taught us right,
A gift from the Almighty’s might,
To heal our souls and make us bright.

As we lay down in peaceful repose,
Our spirits rest and our bodies doze,
In dreams, we travel where no one knows,
And leave behind our earthly woes.

Imam Jafar as-Sadiq taught us well,
That sleep is a time when angels dwell,
And guard us from the fires of hell,
As we surrender to the deep, dark spell.

Sleep restores us and makes us whole,
It rejuvenates our mind and soul,
And helps us to achieve our goals,
As we awaken, fresh and bold.

So let us cherish this precious gift,
And savor every moment of our sleep,
For in its embrace, we find relief,
And a chance to rest and be at peace.

Sleep is a gift bestowed upon us each night,
A time for rest and restoration, a moment to take flight.
But heedless slumber leads to wasted hours,
While mindful sleep provides us with renewed powers.

For those astute among us, sleep is a tool,
A chance to recharge and refresh, to feel cool.
Not a time to shirk our farizat  or be lazy,
But to wake up ready for the day, never hazy.

The Prophet’s words remind us to be aware,
To sleep with intention, to approach it with care.
For though sleep may remind us of death’s embrace,
It also offers us the chance to greet each day with grace.

So let us awaken each morning with Hamd and Shukr,
Grateful for the sleep that brought us back from the blur.
And let us embrace each new day with renewed heart,
Ready to face whatever challenges may start.


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