In every breath we take,
Shukr Shukr, a thousand times or more,
Is incumbent upon us,
To show gratitude to the One we adore.

The minimum  gratitude we can do
is to realise  that the blessing comes from Allah
The cause may be different
but from Allah it comes is true.

Shukr entails  being satisfied with what is given; it means not disobeying Him with regard to His blessings.

Be a grateful bondsman to Allah,
In every way, big or small,
And find that Allah is generous,
In ways beyond our imagination’s call.

Complete thankfulness is to repent,
For our inability to convey,
The least amount of gratitude,
And sincerely glorify Allah in every way.

Offering Shukr is a great blessing,
For which we should be grateful too,
And by doing so, we keep ourselves,
In a perpetual state of gratitude that’s true.

Although weak and always in need,
Of Allah’s Mercy and Grace so divine,
We can reciprocate to a small degree,
By offering Shukr every time.

Remember, Allah is not in need,
Of our praise,
but His praise enriches us
With His countless bounties, and Grace.

So for every blessing big or small always say aloud Alhamdolillah ! Shukran Allah !

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One thought on “A LIFE OF SHUKR ! SHUKR !

  1. We are surely blessed and pray that we conyinue treading the “THE SIRAT E MUSTAQEEM”.
    This composition is worth a great praise, since it encompasses the entire misconception that some”wise” people have after they attain a level of theological education..
    Very aptly composed👍👍👌👌❗👏

    Liked by 1 person

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