In Ubudiyat, four aspects of life we see,
Each based on seven principles, to help us be
Better humans, closer to our Lord above,
And attain nearness to Allah, with love.

First is conduct with Allah, our Creator,
Give Him His due, stay within His limits, be thankful for,
All His gifts, content with His decree,
Be patient through trials, glorify His sanctity,
Yearn for Him, and He’ll bring you close,
To Him, the All-Knowing, Most Merciful Host.

Next, conduct with self, to be wary of,
Fear Allah, strive hard, endure harm, above
All, discipline yourself, seek truthfulness and sincerity,
Withdraw from what you love, and embrace faqr’s humility.

Third, conduct with fellow humans is vital,
Forbearance, forgiveness, humility, and being gentle,
Generosity, compassion, good counsel, justice, and fairness,
These principles guide us to be righteous and selfless.

The fourth conduct is how to live in this world,
Contentment, not chasing what’s elusive, and unfurled,
Abstinence and avoiding overindulgence,
Aware of the world’s evils, and not falling prey to its influence,
Ever grateful for the bounties, that Allah does provide,
He is the true Mumin, whom Allah has dignified.

So let us embrace these principles, with all our might,
And strive to live our lives, in Ubudiyat’s light,
May Allah guide us, and keep us on the path,
To attain nearness to Him, and to earn His eternal love.

Ref:  Book :
The Lantern of the Path
The teachings of Imam Ja’far Al Sadiq ( SA)


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