Poem –  GYAN 
Long-term traps of comfort.

Once a mouse found itself atop a jar,
Filled with grains that made him star,
Too happy was he to search no more,
Thinking this is what he was searching for.

Days passed and he reached the end,
Trapped inside with no way to ascend,
No longer could he choose or roam,
For he was dependent on someone to bring him home.

Long term traps of comfort
Lessons four he learned as
He struggled to wriggle out
poor soul

Short term pleasure led to long term trap,
Comfortable life made him fall into a gap,
He lost his skills, he lost his voice,
And now he had no choice.

Lessons we can learn from this tale,
To not let pleasure make us frail,
Use our skills before we lose them all,
And take action before we fall.

The mouse’s story teaches us well,
To break free from our comfortable shell,
To not get trapped in survival mode,
And to take the right action at right time
So that we do not loose all.


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