The Dark Heart of a Miser

The miser, with his heart so dark,
In Zulmat, he lingers in stark,
With thoughts only for his gains,
His spirit caught in earthly chains.

Always troubled and ill at ease,
Weighing profits and worldly fees,
His understanding deficient, blind,
In the pit of ignorance confined.

Like a worm in mud he knows not,
Of places beyond his earthly lot,
His heart full of worries and sadness,
Depressed and down, in constant darkness.

His prayer not accepted, unanswered,
His spirit in darkness, never once prospered,
God displeased with him, dissatisfied,
With only oppressors for him to confide.

For he does not recognize the Creator,
In his heart, no love, kindness or fervor,
His wealth his own traitor, he’s betrayed,
The Devil in his heart, in darkness he’s swayed.

The traitor and Satan’s hearts are the same,
Sharing sorrows and joys, no love to proclaim,
The miser’s spirit in constant distress,
His greed and self-interest, his only success.

But there’s hope for the miser yet,
To turn from darkness, to God submit,
For in sacrifice, in love and affection,
Lies the path to true redemption.

Based on reading from Islamic  Manuscript translated by W Ivanov.


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