Salutation to Moula Ali in month of Rajab

What is the reason for the friendship and love for Ali in people’s hearts?

Love of Ali – A Salutation

A body no more, yet hearts still feel and pulsate
With love for Ali, that’s so real.

He was the perfect man, that lights up our hearts and souls.

Wisdom, knowledge, selfless care,
Altruism, humility, always fair.
Kindness, mercy, protection for the weak,
Justice, freedom, humanity that he would seek.

Generosity, bravery, mercy in strife,
Magnanimity, all that he brought to life.
Yet, one thing stands above all,
The true reason for Ali’s love, that we call.

The divinity, the divine touch,
That connects our souls, to the truth we clutch.
Lost due to our not willing to listen
The truth, once embedded in our primordial being

Eternal is our primordial nature,
So too, the love for Ali, beyond measure.

Moula Ali, the love in our hearts,
Shall always remain and pulsate even after we depart.

Based on my reading of the Book :

Polarisation around the character of Moulana Ali Ibn Ani Talib ( SA)

Muthadha Muuthhari

Dua ni iltemas
Asgar Fakhruddin

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