Jawanmard Mumin – A poem

Shariat, a candle bright
Tariqat, a path that’s right
Haqiqat, a goal in sight
Journey of faith, shining ever bright

Jawanmard, a valiant soul
One who strives to reach his destined goal
Guided by the candle’s role
Haqiqat, is his destined goal

Recognition of true Imam ( Dai ul Mutlaq)
Is the foundation of Haqaiq so strong

To Allah  we all belong
Mumin, the one who walks along
The path of truth, his life-long song

Truth in speech, and in his ear
‘Ahd given he holds so dear
Abides and walks on path so clear
Covets not, no slanders or snears
For others seeks  what he holds dear

Promise kept, sincerity true
Reliable, he remains for you
Never excess, anger or hue
Pious, he follows through

In remembrance of Allah’s Mercy and Might
Of death and Hereafter always in sight
A mumin strives with all his might
Safeguarding against sin day and night
He is Jawanmard Mumin on whome the angels smile

Note : As Jawanmardi ( Manliness ) is a noble trait, it applies to both men & women.

Based on reading of Islamic Manuscript – Advice on Jawanmardi translated by W. Ivanov


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