A poem on Iftetah Al Jamea Marol

In Marol, a shining light
A grand Academy, so bright
An epitome of knowledge so true
With teachings that enlighten and renew

The Fatemi Taiyebi tradition held high
With a purpose to make minds soar sky-high
The rich and vibrant heritage of the Fatemid Contributed to humanity’s growth and spirit

Architecture infused with Islamic motifs, symbolism and meanings.
Astrology, grammar, spirituality, and sciences teachings
All to uphold the Oneness of  Allah divine
And in its halls, the wisdom does shine

A small but vibrant replica of The Old Hospital Library, recreated
A library in that Golden Age has more than two hundred thousand books adorning its walls.
The access was free, knowledge for all
The blessed Imams, their spirit did call

The community is grateful
their guide in sight
Moula A’ali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin, so bright
Himself  a Jamea of knowledge, with goodness and grace.

May Allah grant him a long and healthy life. Ameen



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