The chaki was a common sight in Indian households; no more now. Though physically out of sight, it has left a lasting imprint on the Indian mind because of its metaphorical association with some Hindi couplets conveying deep meanings related to life and living.

Chalti chaki dekh kar, jiya Kabira roye;
Do patan ke bich me sabut bacha na koye.

( Seeing the grains being crushed between the turning stones the heart of Kabir cries, as all grains therein get crushed )

Since last Muharram 1442 H the world has witnessed humanity being crushed between the Covid pandemic stones, and many of us have lost our near and dear ones and have witnessed untold suffering.

But all Hamd is for Allah that we have been saved and in a month we look forward with faith and positivity to mourn and perform matam e Imam Hussain ( SA) with our a’ali qadr Muffadal Moula ( TUS) Insa Allah.

Sadly the pandemic is still rampant in different parts of the world and our country is bracing for the third wave.

However, with the Nida of Dai e Hussain ( SA) mumineen have started doing OHBAT for getting the sharaf of mourning and matam in the days of Muharram with Aqa Moula ( TUS) and this has taken precedent, and ruling the hearts and minds of mumineen. Alhamdolillah.

Why so ? Kabir couplet and my reflection provides an answer.

Chaki chaki sab kahe, aur keeli kahe na koye;
Jo keeli se lage rahe, so bal na baka hoye.

Every one is talking of the grains being crushed ( the third wave and covid varients etc: ) and no one is seeing, what a mumineen is seeing and witnessing – the ‘ keeli’ on which the grinding stones are turning and crushing.

By doing OHBAT there is a remarkable focus shift from the grinding stone to the ‘keeli ‘ axis (vertical rod) to which all those grains who manage to attach themselves remain ‘sabut – bal na baka hoye’ ( intact – unhurt)

What Kabir wants to convey in the above lines is that man born in this world ( between the grinding stones) is suffering but those who attach themselves, like we mumineen to the axis Allah – Panjatan Pak ( SA) Awliya Kirams, our Aqa Moula, rememberance of Imam Hussain ( SA) gham e Hussain, matam e Hussain are truly safeguarded from the troubles of this world, they escape suffering.

Hope in my own humble way I have contributed to OHBAT by this reflection.

Now onwards let us shift our focus completely to the axis, which will safe guard our bodies. minds and souls.

With full faith and conviction adhere to the Nida of Dai e Hussain ( SA) and whatever happens will be for our good and a boon for our Akherat.

At personal level feeling blessed to have found my ‘ikigai’ in writing this post.

Dua ni iltemas.


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