Al Fakr Fakhri

Al Faqr Fakhri

The 77 th Milad Mubaraka recorded live Vaaz worldwide relay began with Hay’ul Muqaddas Burhanuddin Moula ( RA) bayan on the unique concept of ‘ al faqr fakhri ‘ a unique Islamic concept and as an act of Hamd & Shukr I share my thoughts and notes on the subject.

The unique concept of  ‘faqr’ is not necessarily poverty or need ( although literally it means that) but a consciously developed attitude and attribute to think oneself as ‘fakir’ in relation to ALLAH the Self Sufficient and Munificence.

Reading of Ayah 268 ( Surah Al Baqarah) will help you in understanding the concept of ‘Faqr’

‘Shaitan threatens you with poverty and enjoins you to be miserly…. whereas ALLAH promises you Forgiveness and Bounty, and ALLAH is All Suffecient for his creatures need. All Knower.’

Hope this resolves the ambiguity and contradiction.

However, with growing popularity of Sufism under the influence of non Muslim mystics Christian and Buddhist, the Islamic concept of ‘faqr’ started to mean as detachment and total indifference to world and quietism in Society.

Allama Iqbal has to be credited with removing the gathering dross and revealing the essence of ‘faqr’ as practised by Moulana Ali ( SA) and Ahle Bait ( SA)

The ‘faqr’ of Iqbal is true and positive, to him a true ‘fakir’is a ‘qalandar’  a man of strong will with high uplifting morals and for the attainment of his ideals, he is ready to sacrifice everything.

Moulana Ali ( SA) the doyen of ‘faqr’ lived a life of ‘ minimalism’ ( the current popular concept  being practised in modern world ) You can Google the word and find out more.

Personally at the start of the Pandemic and complete three month Lockdown when DEATH was stalking us, I started practising  minimalism and found it to be very beneficial for both mental and physical health. It is this concept and my faith which has seen me through.

Hereinbelow quoting some of the stanzas from Allama Iqbal poem written in 1914 which will help you in understanding the Islamic concept of ‘faqr’

‘ Faqr is ardour, ecstasy and submission to the Will of Allah

Faqr is conquering Khaibar and living on barley meals

One faqr is Shabbiri which has the quality of an emperor
which is a noble Muslim heritage and real wealth of Shabbir.

O slaves of materialism, what is Faqr
a penetrating insight and a living heart.

Faqr in Islam is a very deep and interesting subject, and hope this ‘write up’ will motivate you to explore more and practise minimalism in daily life. This will help you to soar high, make you fearless and be a true mumin mukhlis.

Dua ni iltemas

Abundance resulted as the result of Nabi ( SA) household barakaat to which the saeel approached and his niyat which was so a’la that he accepted it with Hamd and Shukr that not only him but his wife and children were satiated by a single date seed. So receiving Abundance in life is a two way street.

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