Muharram 1442 H gonna be different. More ‘in ward’ than ‘out ward’.

For me as I reflect and do OHBAT for Muharram 1442 H from the confines of my home, I travel back in time and recall the three centuries that elapsed after the sahadat of Moulana Imam Hussain ( SA) on the battlefield of Karbala in 61 AH (680 AD).

Like me for three centuries the azadars, the lovers of Ahlul Bait ( SA) had performed Noha wa Aweel each month of Muharram from the confines of their homes and this mere reflection, this connection, has made my OHBAT more sombre, and spirituality uplifting.

The first public mourning of martyrdom of Imam Hussain ( SA) was held in Baghdad in 963 AD on the Day of Ashura during the Buyid Dynasty.

Ten years later during the reign of Imam Muiz (SA) it was publicly held in Misr.

I look forward to the coming days with fervour, now that I have established a ‘ connection ‘ with three centuries when mumineen like me remembered their Moula from the confines of their homes.

Let me share with readers the following excerpts from an article on Elegy ( Marthiya ) by Lynda Clarke, a part of my OHBAT these days. Reading and reflection.

This narration concerning the sixth Imam shows the place of marathi in these gatherings:

Jafar b. ‘Affan came to Imam Jafar al-Sadiq’s ( SA) residence and seated himself next to him, upon which the Imam said, ‘Ja’far, I have been told that you recite poetry for Husayn, peace be upon him, and that you do it well.’ ‘Yes, and may God make me a sacrifice for you!’ replied the poet. ‘Recite, then’, said Imam Jafar al-Sadiq ( SA) and Jafar recited these verses:

He who weeps for Husayn might well weep for Islam itself,

For the principles of Islam have been destroyed, and used unlawfully:

On the day when Husayn became the target of spears,

When swords drank from him, busy with their work.

And corpses, scattered, were abandoned in the desert.

Great birds hovering over by night and by day …

And the Imam Sadiq ( SA) wept and those around him with him, until his face and beard were covered with tears. Then he said, ‘By Allah Jafar, the angels closest to Allah are witness here and they hear your words; they have wept as we have…’

Hope and pray that like wise this Muharram 1442 H in each mumin household the angles closet to Allah will bear witness that we have done Noha wa Aweel for our Moula Hussain ( SA)

AKHBAR IS ANWA’R – I feel this post should be shared with
Millennials who have been used to attending Muharram in large gatherings always. This post will surely make them aware that with sincerety of purpose and khalis niyat Noha wa Aweel at home is also a great blessing and a boon. There will be less distractions and more focus.

For my young educated readers , this I say that as proved scientifically by non locality experiments ( Quantum Teleportation ) come Muharram 1442 H and even a single mumin taking Vaaz Mubarak Barakat in his home will be one with the world wide community of Mumineen.

For better understanding click on the below link.

Dua ni iltemas

2 thoughts on “MUHARRAM 1442 H OHBAT

  1. The Great Saheb e Nasihat says:خلوت ما ہر گھڑیی جے حسینی عذاء کرے
    “Khalwat” means alone in closet and private with his heart sobbing and throbbing in love for Imam Hussain”.

    And in the succeeding line he goes on to say: دوذخ وہ آ قسم نا بشر پر حرام چھے
    محشرنا دن ضرور ادن ما مقام چھے
    This is the end result of a person weeping in private for Imam Hussain that he shall get his place in Heavens since the Hell is forbidden for him.

    This is what is aptly told to Jaffar bin Affan by Imam Jaffar us Sadiq that Heavenly angels are around you as you recite in memory of Imam Hussain.. A.S.

    This is now the time for us during this Moharram of 1442 H.

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