The Joys Of Simple Living


As COVID 19 is not being ‘ wished away ‘ as many leaders like President Trump
would like, it appears to be a long haul. Already many life lessons have been learnt and it augers well for the future of humanity.

Minimalism is becoming popular and gathering more followers. Simple living is
being looked upon as the new ‘fad’. FOMO ( fear of missing out ) is now on the
back burner and people are trying to understand JOMO ( joy of missing out ).

Prior to the pandemic one would laugh at a person who would advocate the joy of
missing out. Now it is become more popular amongst the millennials who are more
ready to adapt to change and
try experimenting.

Five steps from changing from hoarder to minimalist

1. Determine if you have used it in the past one year.
2. Determine if it’s the thing you would always want if seen at a store.
3. Ask yourself why you are keeping it
4. Do that particular object make you happy ?
5. Do you really need more than one.

Be willing to say “no” to more things. This will provide you with more time to
devote to those experiences that are more deeply rewarding. Remember: More
isn’t necessarily better. Focus on the kinds of things that enhance the quality not the quantity of your experiences.

Pleasure is wonderful, but an obsessive preoccupation with it can diminish our ability to experience the deeper fullfillment that comes from nourishing our soul.

Needs are limited. Desires are endless.

Prioritising certain activities enables us to let go of others. Decide what are your highest priorities are and focus on them.

Rather than desperately seeking rock star recognition, cultivate the mastery of
enjoying mundane pleasures.

Prioritise relationships over acquisitions.

Enjoy the moment. Take time to linger on pleasurable experiences rather than
rushing through them in the hunt for the next thrill.

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude, instead of chasing fantasies.

Ack :

According to recent research conducted by money saving website, more than three quarters of millennials actively engage in
JOMO, join the growing rank and see your life change for the better. Here is wishing you all the best.

Fling out a thing you do not need and see your life change. Start from today.

Possessions has enslaved you all these years , now find the sheer joy of freedom.

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