The signs of ALLAH – a reflective post.


NASA has reported that a Asteroid 2020 ND, classified as Near-Earth Object (NEO) and Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) estimated to be 160 metres or 520 feet in diameter is hurtling towards our planet at a speed of 48,000 kms per hour.

However, the good news is that there has been a tacit understanding between Corona Virus and Asteroid 2020.

As a result of this understanding between these two signs of ALLAH the Asteroid 2020 will come nearest to our Earth on 24th July ’20 but has decided as for now not to bang straight in.

On reflecting the simpleton in me feels that Corona Virus who is currently in residence feels that humanity is learning the lessons of its past mistakes of wanton destructions of Natural Habitats, Animals and Natural resources ( as detailed in the Talk by my grandson Moiz uploaded on Sound Cloud ) the hard way and feels that humanity will mend it’s greedy ways.

Corona Virus has managed to impress upon Asteroid 2020 that humanity should be given some respite as it feels that the lesson taught is showing some positive results, but there are many idiots out there who still are not willing to learn and going about their wanton ways.

So as per the agreement reached between the two potent signs of ALLAH there is a ‘ wait and watch ‘ approach as of now.

Humans are humans after all, one never knows. Once Vaccine is found, the Corona Virus runs it’s course, and the humans bounce back to progress and prosperity and Allah forbid start once again with their wanton destructions and forget the lessons learnt – Asteroid 2020 will always be out there to teach another lesson So better not act smart O HUMANS ! If you go back to your old ways once our world gets free of Corona – remember Astroid nd 2020 is out there.

A slight tweak in its trajectory and BANG ! A scenario far worse than the one we are presently experiencing.

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A talk – ‘ Till a Vaccine is found ‘ by MOIZ LOKHANADWALA

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