The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher our Imam Jafar as Sadiq ( SA)

On the Urs Mubarak of Sayedna Abdulttaiyab Zakiuddin (RA) and Sayedna Abdeali Saifudddin ( RA) 1441 H – as an act of Hamd & Shukr have made niyat to share my readings and notes from lectures in the coming days on

The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher Imam Jafar as Sadiq ( SA)

In the book of the above name, translated by Kaukab Mirza the author in his introduction admits that himself being a Sh’iha he was not aware of the immense contribution of Imam ( SA) until he came across the French thesis published by The Research Committee of Strasbourg – France.

He goes on to state that Imam Mohammad al Bakir ( SA) and Imam Jafar as Sadiq ( SA) knew that during the reign of the Abbasids great number of books of Greek philosophers and Alexandria schools will be translated, and because of the patronage of the Abbasid Caliphs the Muslims would blindly follow and believe in their teachings.

The two Imam ( SA) with their divine knowledge pointed out the mistakes and fallacies and presented to their Sh’ias their own correct theories.

It is an irony of fate that the blood thirsty Abbasids took credit for the Intellectual awakening of the Muslims and European scholars interested in the study of Islam till the middle of twentieth century gave credit to the Abbasid for the Intellectual awakening.

Among the Abbasid caliphs only al Mamun was interested in knowledge. The rest of them were interested in accumulation of wealth, a luxurious life and worldly pleasure.

Al Mansur the second caliph found to his great consternation that Bani Abbas had built an empire on the dead bodies of Muslims but Imam ( SA) had built a more lasting empire in the hearts and minds of the Muslims.

The respect the Muslim ummah of all schools held for Imam ( SA) who was addressed as ‘Qala al – Alim’ made al Mansur very jealous and he on several occasion he tried to kill, but did not succeed.

Only recent scholastic studies have come to dispel the wrong notions held for centuries and many works on the great contribution of Imam of Ahle Bait ( SA) have been published.

The momentous intellectual awakening of Muslims in the second century of Hijra was not due to Greek or other foreign influences as western scholars have recorded but as a result of the untiring and ceaseless efforts made by Ahle Bait ( SA) who were blessed with Ilm e Ladunni (God given knowledge )

To destroy the influence of the teachings of Imam ( SA) al Mansur with intent and purpose encouraged and patronised different schools of Islamic thoughts at the same time persecuted those who followed the teachings of Imam ( SA)

Persecution of the followers by subsequent Abbasid Caliphs resulted in taqqiya (concealment ) of their true faith and many were compelled to outwardly profess the state sponsored faith.

Since al Mansur could not find anyone who could rival Imam (SA) in physics, chemistry, mathematics and other sciences, he spent a large fortune in importing books of Greek and Alexandria schools and from India and after translating them in Arabic they were taught in schools.
Thus the teachings of Greek philosophers became house hold words and the divine teachings of Imams ( SA) were erased from general populace memory.

The Medina Academy of Imam ( SA) was forced to close down.

The Abbasid succeeded in completely eclipsing the greatness of Imam ( SA) It is an irony that those students who studied under Imam ( SA) are to this day held in high esteem and have majority following of Muslims around the world.

Just look at the gross injustice done to the greatness of our Imam ( SA) so much so that in the highly regarded Sahih al Bukhari not a single tradition of Imam ( SA) is mentioned whereas it is conclusively reported Muhammad al Bukhari evaluated six lac tradition and selected those that he found to be authentic.

Another compiler Ahmad in his encyclopedia devotes 421 pages to Imam Shafi a student of a student of Imam ( SA) and Imam ( SA) gets a mere seven line mention

So instead of exchanging worrying pandemic news, let us try to peal off the thick layers of false hood purposely laid by powerful Muslims regimes and glean at the Greatness and Magnificence of teachings of our Imam ( SA) in the coming days.

To several of my readers who are known personally, after my first post, had posed a query asking them to give honest reply as to how much they know about Imam ( SA)

Their honest answers are a motivation for me to endeavour and share my readings.

The students of Imam ( SA) who became famous and now have a large following of Muslim Ummah are divided into four sunni schools.

Hanafi school founded by Abu Hanifa al Nauman has the biggest following 31% of total Sunni followers largely residing in India – Pakistan and far east countries and spread around the world.

If one is to ask a Hanafi follower who was the teacher of the Abu Hanifa, they will not be able to answer !!

Now in the words of Abu Hanifa –
“If it were not for two years of my life, I would have perished. For two years I accompanied Imam Jafar al-Sadiq and I acquired the spiritual knowledge that allowed me to become a knower of Allah by means of the path of spiritual purification.”

Like wise Malik Ibn Anas known as Shaykh al Islam and has a 25 % of the sunni following largely in Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia was a student of Imam ( SA)

Malik openly declared that ” no eyes have seen, no ears have heard, no heart has felt any one greater than Imam Jafar as Sadiq (SA)”

His student known as Al Shafi’i was also a founder of a school of Islamic Fiqh with sizeable following in East Africa, and in south and central Asia.

Much later came Ibn Hanbal the founder of Hanbali School who have a sizable following in North and Central Arabia.

The sole reason for the spread of four Sunni schools – Hanafi – Shafi – Maliki & Hanbali was on account of the patronage received by the prevailing ruling dynasties.

Abbasid patronised Hanafi scholars, the Ummayids of Spain patronised Maliki scholars.

One can be a student of Fiqh like the founders of four Sunni school but our Imam ( SA) is

Thanks to modern scholastic research the academics of Islam are beginning to understand the greatness of our Imam ( SA)

Even the world renowned Jabir ibn Hayyan ( Known as Geber to Europeans) who wrote 112 volumes on Chemistry was a student of Imam ( SA) He wrote on different subjects like alchemy, cosmology, medicine, philosophy etc:

There are 400 treaties of his preserved in Sorbonne University Paris.

Modern research has conclusively established in Jabir bin Hayyan extensively studied works his indebtedness to the great Imam ( SA)

It is a great irony that inspite of open declarations by the famous students of Imam (SA) only on account of the enmity of the ruling class of that times, the Ahle Bait ( SA) who are the repository of Divine Knowledge and salvations of souls instead of being followed and glorified were persecuted.

The scholars acquire knowledge while our Imam ( SA) are divinely guided. The sin of Iblees was his reliance on acquired knowledge that he was created out of the more powerful fire than Adam who was created from lowly clay. Iblees was the first to say he is superior by reasoning ( kayas) This also becomes the bane of scholars who rely more on their acquired knowledge.

The Abbasid Caliph Al Masur once told Nouman – Abu Hanifa to compile a list of intriguing 40 questions to seek answer from Imam ( SA)

Imam ( SA) answered each question from the repository of Divine knowledge and in addition to that, he also gave answer as to the opinion of the Madinite and Kufa school. Just marvel at the depth of the knowledge and feel blessed at being the true followers of Ahle Bait ( SA).

After this often time Abu Hanifa would declare that was it not for the knowledge acquired from Imam ( SA) that Nouman would have surely perished.

Allah consciousness was in every pore of Imam ( SA) During a Haj pilgrimage it is narrated by Malik Ibn Anas ( founder of Maliki school) who was travelling with Imam ( SA) that when we left masjid Shajarah and every one started proclaiming the taqbeer Allahuma Laibak…..I observed that Imam ( SA) was chocking with flowing tears and words came out with difficulty. When asked Imam ( SA) filled with Allah consciousness said that ‘who am I to say Allah here I come. !!’

True knowledge is the light of the heart to whoever Allah wishes to give and guide. Knowledge is acquired by devotion, by practise and seeking from Allah the understanding. Knowledge is the Noor of Allah that Awliyaullah are blessed with.

Scholarship is that knowledge which is acquired by striving.

Imam ( SA) during his life time had to silently endure the rule of 10 Caliphs from the house of Ummayads and Abbasids who were inimical to the house of Ahle Bait ( SA) and in order to protect himself and in the interest of spreading and protecting the divine knowledge and his followers from harm, he enjoined taqqiyah. ‘at taqqiyato min Deeni va deene abayehi ‘ when one is forced to live in the midst of animal like humans, who in order to nurse their big ego and wielding worldly power , are bent at taking lives on even small pretext and set examples to their citizens and thereby wield control over it becomes imperative for the sake of Deen to enjoin taqqiyah ( concealing what one believes in his heart)


Quran 16 : Ayah 106 …..except him who is forced thereto and
whose heart is at rest with Faith ….

In the above context the riwayat of Ammar bin Yasir is referred.
He witnessed the gruesome torture and murder of both his
parents Yasir and Sommaya at the hands of Abu Jahl, Abu
Lahab and others who forced them to denounce Nabi ( SA) and
their belief in Allah.

When both staunchly refused to denounce, their bodies were
ripped open by spears and Ammar watched haplessly being tied
with rope.

The tormentors after killing his parents confronted Ammar who
recanted for fear of loosing his life and afterwards approached
Nabi ( SA) and with great remorse narrated the incident and
sought forgiveness and Nabi ( SA) is said to have recited the
above revealed Ayat.

Here would request my readers to pause and reflect on our times. The many reports of Hinduvata goons mercilessly beating up hapless Muslims and forcing them to chant the name of Ram.

Now place yourself in such a situation. Allah is Merciful and thus enjoins taqqiyah so that you come to no harm and continue to uphold your religion and worship Allah. It is act of prudence in times of difficulties.

An Ummayad Caliph going to extremes and imprisoning and torturing Muslims who had the name of Ali.

In Surah 3 : Ayah 28 taqqiyah is enjoined in the following words
‘…except if you fear a danger from them …’ ( الا ان تتقو منھم تقات)
except when a mumin is under duress and fearing persecution and torture and loss of life.

In times of taqqiyah the Si’ha of Imam ( SA) should be extra
vigilant as not to reveal the secrets of which they only are made
privy to. There were many followers of Imam ( SA) and even
members of his own extended family who on many occasions
had put the Imam( SA) in a precarious life threatening situations.

All of them suffered imprisonment and torture but Allah saved Imam ( SA) on several occasions.

Imam ( SA) was house imprisoned on three occasions and attempts
were made to burn down his dwellings, but Imam ( SA) and his
family were miraculously saved.

Companions of Imam ( SA)

A total of 30,000 traditions have been attributed to Imam ( SA)
and great many of them have been narrated by his companions
who were of sterling character , very knowledgeable and having
highest ma’rifa.

Their life shows us how these companions maintained their
Deen, Spirituality, Religiosity and sanity under the oppressive
regime of Ummayad & Abbasid regimes, who were closely
monitoring all the activities of the Companions.

They under most challenging of circumstances carried out with
due diligence what was expected of them by Imam ( SA)

01. Organise majalis amongst themselves to discuss and debate
on the tenets of Deen, and how best to spread it amongst the
adherents and safe guard them from the propaganda of the
ruling regime.

02. Be a source of adornment and not a source that makes
people angry and attracts hate.

03. Become perfect examples and invite new adherents not only
by words but by the fragrance and beauty of their Akhkaq ( good
character )

Imam ( SA) lovingly nurtured his close associates and some of them excelled in different aspects of the Deen.

Abu Bashir was one of the closest and he excelled in esoteric
knowledge. Like wise Hisham Ibn Hakam was a exponent of
Tawheed and Immamah and a powerful orator and debater.

A boastful and ‘know all ‘ Abbasid ulema from Damascus came to
Medina with the intention of disproving the teachings of Imam
( SA) and showing the superiority of the Baghdad school of
jurisprudence. On arriving at the home of Imam ( SA) he found
him surrounded by his followers. He requested an audience with Imam ( SA) and began to seek
answers to which Imam ( SA) looked at his followers and told
them to reply, which surprised the ulema and he felt aggravated.

To his first question Imam ( SA) pointed to Hamran who gave a
befitting reply and on counter questioning the ulema was simply
baffled and out of his wits.

Likewise on question of grammar Aban bin Taglib answered. On
Fiqh Zorara answered, on Theology Muminut Taq gave a reply
and on Tawheed and Imama Hisham bin Hakam replied. At the
end it so happened that the ulema gave allegiance to Imam ( SA)
and his teaching there onward was entrusted to Hisham.

Likewise a famous ulema of Basra Ammar bin Ubaid preached
that there is no need for an Imam. On coming to know this and
the harm he was causing, Imam ( SA) immediately despatched
Hisham bin Hakam and on arrival at Basra found Ammar preaching from a pulpit in Masjid.

As stated earlier Hisham loved a good fight in debating and he posed a series of simple questions like ‘do you have eyes, ears, nose,
tongue etc: ‘and on receiving his one line answers he said if you
are in doubt of your five senses – what you do ? To which
Ammar replied I consult my heart.

Hisham was just waiting for this answer and on receiving it, he
hammered it in with a valid and forceful argument that -‘if Allah
has placed a heart in human body as a guide why you deny that
the Ummah does not need an Imam ?

In this way the followers of Imam ( SA) during this difficult period
with prudence , tact and knowledge served their Imam ( SA)

The Theory of Four Elements :

Our Imam ( SA) is said to have learnt physics from his illustrious father Imam Mohammad al Bakir ( SA) At the age of 12 years it is said he rejected the Theory of four elements of Aristotle.

On the other hand in Europe this theory was prevailing for many centuries.

What was the reason ? The reason was the foundation of Inquisition in 1233 AD by Pope Gregory. This was the beginning of the burning of people at stake whose writings and statements opposed those that were religiously held by the Roman Church.

The research paper published by The Research Committee of Strasbouurg states from available records that Imam ( SA) had remarked ” I wonder how a man like Aristotle could say that in the world there are only four elements. It contains many elements…”

While scientific minds of Europe were not free to express their views for fear of death, the Muslim world encouraged enquiry and dissent.

When Imam ( SA) started teaching he proved that earth, water, air and fire were not elements, these were compounds, nearly a thousand years before scientists in Europe discovered that Air was not an element only after Antoine Lavoisier ( 1743 – 1794) a French renowned chemist separated Oxygen from air and found its properties. He was the one who named Oxygen & Hydrogen.

It was Divine Knowledge that guided the Imam ( SA) to state a thousand years ago.

1. There is an element in air, which is essential for breathing than others and it support of life.

2. It is the same element, which in course of time and in most cases, by direct reaction, brings about changes in certain materials and purifies them.

A thousand years ago Imam ( SA) had declared that ‘ there is an element in air which is essential for breathing and supports life. How true and prophetic were his words.

Our Imams are blessed with, Ilm e ladunni ( divine knowledge) I would like to share from my QUEST post the evidence to that effect, found in the Supplication of Imam Ali Zayn al Abedin ( SA)

From his Supplication ‘ The Glorification of Allah’

Glory be to Thee !
Thou knowest the weight of the heavens.
Glory be to Thee !
Thou knowest the weight of the earths.
(note the plurality in the words heaven and earth, now Scientists are accepting the Multiverse Theory of many universes)

Glory be to Thee !
Thou knowest the weight of the wind, how many times, it is greater than the weight of the dust mote !

Glory be to Thee ! All holy ; All holy ; All holy (kudoos’un ; kudoos’un; kudoos’un)
(Ref: Al – Sahifat Al Kamila Al Sajjadyiah)

Do you think Arabs living thirteen centuries ago would have understood that wind had weight, although they knew it had a force.

However, those who had faith may have started reflecting and this how the Imams ( SA) helped in the development of Scientific spirit.

Now days the load of the wind formula is an everyday use in construction work. The formula is F = A × P × Cd

What our glorious Imams ( SA) knew the scientific community are starting to unravel them now.

Feel blessed as you read this and bow your heads in silence for a few moments and offer Hamd & Shukr to ALLAH.

I conclude my ‘write up ‘ on our Imam ( SA) with short references to his immense contributions in the field of future scientific research.

Those who may be interested to know on the subject can read the Book available on and also there are many free resources on the internet, but would advice much caution, as there are many misleading articles also.

The Research Commitee Publication ( comprising of 20 academics from different Europe and US universities ) after diligent research acknowledges the contribution of Imam ( SA) on the theory of Rotation of the Earth round the Sun. The Origin of Universe, and other theories.

Here I would like to elaborate on the teachings of Imam ( SA) on the composition of human body as detailed in the Research Paper.

The Imam ( SA) said that while all human beings are made from earth…. all elements are not in the same proportion.
Four elements are in large quantity.
Eight elements in small quantity.
Another eight in very minute quantity.

The theory was proved to be correct as late as 18 th Century when dissected bodies were studied around the world and conclusion drawn that in all bodies the ratio of the elements was same as stated by our Imam ( SA)

It should be remembered that all the elements were discovered and named in later centuries, but as for the number of elements and their proportion it was exactly as Imam ( SA) had taught to his followers.

The four elements that are in large quantities in the human body are Oxygen – Carbon – Hydrogen & Nitrogen.

The eight elements which are in small quantities are Magnesium – Sodium – Pottasium – Calcium – Phosphorous – Sulphur – Iron & Chlorine.

The other eight elements in very minute quantities are :
Molybdenum, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Fluorine, Silicon and Iodine.


Hope in these time of you being flooded by Covid 19 messages, this effort of mine may have bought a welcome respite and added to your knowledge. It has surely added a lot to mine but still feel like a salt doll that melts at the first touch of the ocean wave.

The divine knowledge of our Imam ( SA) is like an ocean and what I have been able to share a mere drop. Dua ni iltemas.

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