Till a Vaccine is found ….


Have been reflecting and trying to understand the pandemic in the light of the little knowledge gained by reading and reflection.

Like the Arabi ( desert dweller – a simpleton ) who asked Prophet Muhammad ( SA) about the ‘rope’ I in similar vain and like an Arabi having no scholastic knowledge am trying to seek an answer.

With technology at our command I googled a question does Covid 19 have a soul ?

The answer that popped up is as follows :

Taken from the perspective of the Universe single cells have a soul which can be called energy, qi, prana – which actually creats and perpetuates the spirit is the beginning of all bodies.

Every living organism from the single cell to the largest banyan tree has a simple basic soul which helps in the growth..

Coming to understand the above my question after all is not that of a majnoon ( mad ) or a simpleton guy. It has some credence, so I started to read and reflect in the hope that in my small way I am to contribute towards better understanding, as to why Covid 19 is so hell bent on turning our world upside down, creating havoc and taking human lives as if it mattered little.

As I write this the Covid 19 world wide count stands at 6,160,290 with 3,71,006 deaths and in India at the start of the Lockdown on 25 th March 2020 the people afflicted stood at 657 cases with 12 deaths , which as on 1st June 2020 when Lockdown is partially eased largely on account of Economic consideration the figures stand at 1,81,827 afflicted and 5164 deaths.

To make matters worse the medical experts are predicting a second wave as Lockdown restrictions are slowly being eased worldwide.

Islam encourages to reflect, think and ask questions.

The Qurʾān encourages people to think, reflect, and ask questions in such an explicit manner.

The purpose of the Qurʾān is to liberate the mind from the shackles of heedlessness and ignorance.

So have decided to reflect, read and to find an answer as to why Covid 19 this tiny winy virus is out there to ruin our lives. WHY ? O WHY ?

Is it a wronged soul or an avenger soul of the millions of hapless God’s creation souls trampled without a thought or feeling by the relentless greed of humanity.

Let us find it out as we undertake our quest.

Creative and critical thinking starts by asking the question WHY ?

Islam teaches us in order to understand the creation of God we should start with asking questions like WHY – WHAT – HOW etc: This will help us in better understanding

The Qurʾān constantly asks questions so that people can reflect on their purpose in life, creation, death, and hereafter. The Qurʾān asks people to question how everything came into existence.

Were they created from nothing or did they create themselves? (Qurʾān 52:35)

So let us embark on our quest of understanding this pandemic. True knowledge is power and understanding is the first step.

Now the million dollar question ad to why is Covid 19 out there to turn our world upside down, as if human life does not matter. Why ! O Why !

Why ! O Why ! is the question that the hapless creation of God has been asking us humans for the past several years and we humans in our greed to have more and more have been totally heedless to the plight of God’s  creation.


The Natural Habitats and the Animal Kingdom and the rich Natural Resources have been asking humans all these past years Why ? O Why ?

What wrong we have done, what was our sin ? You humans are the best of God’s Creation. Top of the chain, and we had been created specially to serve you. Just see what you have been doing.

You humans have been driving out 30,000 species to extinction per year about three every hour !!

You humans have destroyed wild life habitat at rate of approx 5760 acres per day or 240 acres per hour.

You humans have been killing species across land, rivers and seas for food. Earth has lost half of its wild life in the past 40 years.

I can go on and on at the wanton destruction of God’s Creation, which was created to serve you humans.Hope now we are getting to understand a little as to who is responsible in large part to this pandemic.

It is pay back time folks ! What you sow that you reap. The blame of Covid 19 boomerangs on us humans collectively. No particular community or country need be blamed.

The hapless creations of God specially created to serve his best creation we humans, had been suffering all these past years in silence but God on High who always gives a long rope to his best of Creation to amend also Says in Quran Surah Ar Rum 30: Ayah 41 – ‘ Evil has appeared on land and sea (wanton destruction resulting from human greed) of what the hands of men have earned that HE may make them taste a part of that which they have done…

So as of now the  ( simpleton)  in me has managed to understand the Why ? of the pandemic. Hope my readers will agree.

Destroyed Habitat Creates the Perfect Conditions for Coronavirus to Emerge and instead of blaming ourselves, we are demonising the poor bats, which is regarded as one of the wondrous, amazing and perfect creation of God.

As to the understanding of HOW to control the pandemic the best of scientific brains around the world are working, and the courageous front line health workers are putting their life in line to control the pandemic.

God has created countless living and non living and all with a purpose. His entire creation is wondrous, amazing and perfect.

Maurice Bucaille stated in his Booklet – ‘The Quran and Modern Science’ that there are enormous scientific assets in the verses of Quran.

We are resting all the blame on the bats for our present misery and forgetting that we humans are responsible for bringing it on upon us because of our own greed and gluttony.

It is widely believed that Covid 19 appeared to shake us up all from our heedless ness from the wet markets of Wuhan selling bats and exotic pangolin.

Both are harmless creatures living in isolation but when human greed encroaches on wild habitats, it creates opportunities for pathogens to jump to livestock and humans.

The problem is with us humans. It is just possible that if we had left bats in peace our world economy would not be in tatters and we would be going about our normal way.

Humans have been slaughtering bats and other wild life animals for food and medicinal value.

Pay back times humans. 5000 tons of high quality Roquefort and blue cheese will be going waste on account of Pandemic in Europe.

The global food system is responsible for up to 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions according to Lancet study.

In India Scientists working at the forensic laboratory of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) have found that majority of wildlife killings in India in past 32 years took place just to fulfil people’s gastronomic desires.

Now coming to bats who live an isolated life have an excellent immune system and the echolocation sounds of bats along with Dolphin clicks have greatly helped in Medical Ultrasound Imaging development.

And to top it let me share that bats who eat insects that harm crops and vegetation – just two examples

1. Are saving Indonesian Cocoa farmers 800 million dollars a year which they would otherwise have to spent on pest control.

2.Like wise in US the corn farmers are saving 22 billion dollars a year.

The pollinating bats who live on flower nectar , also help the mangroves to grow, and thus save humanity from the effects of storms.

All of God’s creatures are out there to help humans. O heedless humans it is you on account of greed and gluttony are to blamed.

So my reading and reflections show that in order to save ourselves till a vaccine is found we should at individual level start admitting and accepting our mistakes and seek forgiveness. Self realisation is the first step.

God is All Seeing All Knowing

However, in Islam seeking forgiveness has also some preconditions.

Realisation and acceptance of our sins are the first steps to seeking forgiveness, but there is a catch in Islam, and that always proves to be a stumbling block for us humans.

That is – affirmation with true conviction that the sins for which forgiveness is being beseeched will not be repeated. This is the most difficult part, as we humans tend to forget easily once we come out of the crisis. Is that not true ?

Agreed on account of insatiable greed of humans against the other kingdoms of God out there, created by His Mercy to help his best creation, is the main reason of our sufferings.

But then the Arabi (simpleton) in me asks. Why am I to suffer ? In all my life I have not cut a tree, I recall not even having plucked a flower in past several years, yes admit occassionally swathed at home flies and killed a few lizards who showed up over the years to frighten my dear wife !

Hope my readers will also be having the same question. Yes big multinational companies and Government agencies who should be protecting the environment in order to feed their bottom line out of greed and selfishness have bought us harm.

God has created different Kingdoms having specific governing laws and hierarchy and all answerable to HIM on the day of Judgement.

The Kingdom of Heavens Angles
The Kingdom of Humans
The Kingdom of Animals
The Kingdom of Nature

As we are part of the Human Kingdom we are governed by the laws of our kingdom and as we get to enjoy and satiate our desires and wishes by the discoveries and progress made by the human race over centuries, like wise we suffer collectively for the ills and sins of a few amongst us.

But on Judgement Day our individual actions will be taken into account and our Leaders and evil doers amongst us will be questioned for their deeds.

Just a few current examples. Before the Pandemic landed on American shores the American people tolerated President Trump inspite of his loose character and penchant for false statements ( 18000 and still counting as reported in American Press ) because the Economy under him was booming and everyone was happy. The Financial gains was the ‘driver’ over riding all his shortcomings.

As a pay back, under the Pandemic the American population has suffered much for his rash whimsical decisions taken during crisis, him overriding his own Medical Advisory Board , with his sole focus on winning the upcoming Presidential Election.

The American economy is in tatters and the death toll has crossed one lac.

Likewise Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro worries more about the Economy than thousands of life lost knowing that most of the deaths are that of poor people living in Favelas ( shanty towns )

In India the plight of the migrant workers trudging home on foot hungry and uncared, for hundreds of miles has been a nightmare. The UP Government sanitising its own migrants who trudged hundreds of miles on their way back home with sanitized water thru hoses is so very disturbing and disgusting.

The political leaders may win another Election if they are destined to win, but they and their progeny will be answerable for the plight and sufferings of lakhs if they have made rash decisions. They are the only ones privy to their own thoughts and actions. I know not – GOD SURELY KNOWS

Just three out of thousands. Just recall the tyrants who ruled and the populace that supported it. Each and every one will be answerable and no one will be wronged.

Hope the above examples are enough to clear our understanding that we are all one and part and parcel of what is God’s Kingdom of Humans.

We enjoy the fruits of our progress and also suffer the ills.

A very meaningful quote of Khalil Gibran will help you understand why we as humans suffer collectively although at individual level we may have not done any wrong.

Read it twice for better understanding. It is like a mental vaccine.

“As a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree, so the wrong doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all…

This makes it crystal clear.

The Covid 19 pandemic has given us a window of opportunity to make amends at individual level. Grab it.

It will be blessing to take this opportunity to work on our shortcomings and character building.

Start thinking and planning to undertake all good humanitarian acts that will help you when times comes to lie six feet under the ground. For your shroud has no pockets.

Humanity has suffered much for the heedlessness. I feel the Covid 19 pandemic has taught us humans a lesson which will not be easy to forget.

Realisation and seeking forgiveness is what will protect us till a vaccine is found.

Just one impactful change and there will be many more to come, is the recent announcement by Tech Giants Google and Face Book that majority of their employees are to work from home till 2021.

This will greatly ease the pressure on chocking cities as people will move out and also save on high rents and have better living conditions and healthy life style in gated neighbourhoods away from cities

The Simpleton in me is seeing a new dawn on the horizon.

However, it has pained me a great deal to know that even educated and so called cultured have been attaching stigma to those families who have lost their loved ones to Covid 19.

A rich and so called educated family refusing to accept their daughter in law who had gone into labour and admitted for delivery contracted COVID 19 along with her new born was shunned and not accepted by the in – law family and after many futile attempts, finally got treatment in a dedicated COVID 19 hospital and both child and mother got cured.

Disgusting indeed. Those health workers who venture out each day risking their lives knowingly or the innocent amongst us who venture out to serve their families, if they become Covid 19 positive and die – remeber this and get it right – it is not for their sins but they have sacrificed their lives for the collective sins and heedless ness of us humans. Instead of attaching stigma, offer a prayer for their souls. Who are you to judge ?
Look inward to your self.

To attach stigma to one suffering of Covid 19 is a repulsive behaviour and hope my reflective writings may have helped in proper understanding.

I conclude my reflections by offering my heart felt condolences to families of those whose loved ones have succumbed to the pandemic.

When we see hundreds of bodies in black protective sheetings being lowered in grave with no family or one or two around, it breaks my heart.

They have suffered and died on account of the collective sins, greed and heedless ness of us humans. We are all in it.

Remember this and seek repentance and offer prayers and who knows till a vaccine is found for this very act of understanding and prayers you may be saved. Reach out to those in need of your help, make the best of this opportunity and become a good human being.

If you have found the read interesting and enlightening, do share the link with family and friends.

If you have anything to add, feel free to comment.

A few links to my Lockdown posts for further reading.




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  1. Very deep, thought-provoking and insightful article that serves as an eye-opener to humans everywhere, May Allah SWT guide us all on the correct path always Aameen 🙏.

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