COVID 19 Lockdown Journal – Mind Sanitizing Thoughts



Sanitizing Thoughts to remove the phantoms of your Mind and releasing fear and anxiety.

Our mind is programmed where being upset is a highway on which thoughts travel at great speed, whereas happiness trudges along on dirt road.

Hope in Allah is the break we have to apply to control our negative thoughts.

So this is the break – Allah is there for me. I am fearless because of HIM. In HOPE I am fearless. Fear is not real, my present awareness is real.

Surah Ad Duha – 93 is all about hope in times of anxiety.

Ayat 3 : Your ALLAH has not forsaken you nor hates you.

Let this be your central thought and repeat it with full awareness.

There is succour in Surah Ash – sharh – 94

Ayah 5 : Verily with every hardship is relief
Ayah 6 : Verily with every hardship is relief

Repeat it with full awareness – do you see the light at the end of the dark tunnel of your mind.
Are you feeling relaxed and in peace. Anxiety and fear melts away.

Now Allah tells you in Ayah 8
And to your ALLAH ( Alone) turn your intentions and hopes.

So now is the time to seek HIM out.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay blessed. Jumoa Mubarak.

Dated : 10th April 2020

Mind sanitizing thoughts on Trust in Allah and Gratitude.

In these times it is OK to feel vulnerable and fearful but belief in Allah and Trust in Him will open up new hopeful vistas in your mind space and make you to trust in your core self.

Just two recent examples will suffice. A practising Doctor in Indore, who looked healthy and in good spirit posted a video from home to quench rumours about him contracting the virus.

Two days later unfortunately after being shifted through three private hospitals he died.

A reporter asked a bustee women living with her family in cramped quarter if they are practising hand santisation. Her reply ‘ sab pine pakane pani roz mil jaye to bahut hei uparwala ke bharose pe hey ‘ Hopefully her family will overcome the pandemic.

A stark reality for my readers to reflect and take lessons. HE ALONE is in control.

Islam teaches us to ‘ tie our camel and put trust in Allah ‘ implying do your due diligence and leave rest to ALLAH.


Surah 3 : 159 ( last part) ‘ place your trust in Allah, surely Allah loves those who place their trust in HIM ‘

Surah 3 : 160 If Allah helps you there is none to overcome you. And if HE abounds you, then who is there to help you after that ? …

Read it again and become aware of how you feel – all anxiety and fear vanish in an instant.

There are four stages of Tawakkul ( Trust in Allah) the highest is to trust all matters to HIM voulantarily without being forced to do so.

Not when you are forced to the wall – this is important.

Gratitude expands your happiness and increases your awareness. The more grateful you are the more hopeful you will become as it will shift your attention from the problem to solution.

Much can be written but I conclude with Quran Ayat sure to cast away your fear and anxiety. It is ALLAH Saying then who are you to doubt.

Surah 4 : 147
‘ Why should ALLAH punish you if you have thanked HIM. And ALLAH is Ever All Appreciative, and All Knowing ‘

Now this is your trust moment which you should hold on to when ever you feel anxious and vulnerable.

Keep safe, keep healthy, keep blessed. Dua ni iltemas.

Dated: 11th April 2020

I was busy crystalizing my mind sanitizing thoughts on Hope in Allah, inner strength and peace when very distressing and disturbing messages came from Kusalgarh – Banswara.

A wake up call for our community. As most of you are aware of the developments I need not elaborate.

It is time to rally around and place our hope in Allah, to find strength and succour in our community and inner peace that our beloved Aqa Moula ( TUS) is there to take us thru these challenging times.

More important than being agitated and aggrieved by the problem created by narrow minded bigots out of unfounded fear, it is time for our progressive community to rise up to the challenge posed by community profiling and find solution. Finding solution and preparedness is most important.

If the situation in Banswara is an exception it is not that worrysom but it snowballs it is definately a cause of worry.

Hope is faith in Allah and the hereafter.
…So be not of the despairing.
Quran 15:55

Wealth and sons are allurements of the life of this world: but the things that endure, Good Deeds, are best in the sight of thy Lord, as rewards, and better in respect of hope.
Quran 18:46

The above Quran Ayats assume more significance and meaning.

Good deeds are preparedness for any unforseen eventuality that our mumineen may face during these challenging times.

Community doctors, health workers and community hospitals should come to the fore front. The community is blessed to have well maintained facilities in mazars all around the country which at present are unoccupied, can it be used as quarantine facilities for cases showing milder symptoms. Just thinking aloud.

It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is that of greatest difficulty. Dalai Lama

My heart goes out to those of my mumineen who have become victims of a more deadly virus of bigotry than the Covid 19 from which recovery is more assured.

For once you are tested positive and recover you are better off than those who live in fear and even those tested negative as there is lurking fear that they may get infected.

I have nothing more to offer to my mumineen brothers put into unnecessary predicament but my heartfelt prayers that they come out winners and share this thought :

If you feel like loosing everything, remember that trees loose their leaves every year and they still stand tall for the better days to come – and it does come.

May the ever radiant presence of our A’ali Qdr Muffaddal Moula ( TUS) and his dua mabarak give you hope, peace and inner strength to stand tall, for better days will surely dawn.

Dated : 12th April 2020

Sanitizing the mind with Thoughts of Compassion and Courage to change.

There are about 200 verses specifically in Quran for Compassion and Empathy and the very first Ayat has Al Rahman – Compassionate which is exclusively used to call upon Allah and al – Raheem which in Name of Allah and a noble trait which the believers are encouraged to to inculcate in their lives.

When fear is removed and when you start to ‘let go’ to the clingings of your routine, which you assumed where very important for your survival – compassion and empathy fills your mind.

Covid 19 is seeped in negative but one positive lesson it has taught is that it is OK to ‘ let go’ and has given us the courage to embrace change.

Will not elaborate but request readers to take a moment to reflect on how they are ‘ letting go’ a hundred things to which they were clinging to for dear life before the pandemic.

Just one example – 15 min late to work and you felt as if the sky will fall. The maid did not turn up for a day and you felt agitated and upset.

Covid 19 has taught you to be compassionate. Empathy resulting from compassion makes you a better person. Empathy is the ability to recognise and share the feeling of others.

Now we are all connected to the Universal Consciousness.

The enabling power to change are the thoughts – I no longer am in need of the things I held dear, I am ready to embrace change. I will not allow my past to reclaim my present.

Surah 13 Ayat 11
Indeed Allah will not change the condition of the people untill they change what is in themselves

So in order to bring about a change in our present condition , we have to become vehicle of change. We have to become better human full of compassion and empathy for others. We have to break free of our past conditioning when our Ego dictated our lives.
It was ‘I’- ‘I’ – ‘I’ all the way and on all the days.

Embracing change is difficult but I conclude with two great thoughts from the teaching of Sri Ramakrishna of Bengal.

494 : When shall I be free ?
When ‘I’ shall cease to be.
‘ I and mine ‘ is ignorance.
‘Thou and Thine ‘ is Knowledge.

431. How may we conquer the old Adam that is in us ?
When the flower develops into fruit, the petals drop off themselves. So when the divinity in you increases, the weakness of human nature – the ego vanishes, is subdued.

My observation in a lighter vein :))

You may go on cursing Covid 19 but it has transformed us all within 30 days what so much of teaching, preaching and motivational lectures would not have been able to achieve.

Now we are all more connected to ALLAH more compassionate and understanding and embracing positive changes in our lives. We are flowering.

Keep safe – keep healthy – keep blessed. Dua ni iltemas.

Dated 13 th April 2020

CONTENTMENT a powerful sanitizing thought that will make your mind evolve, deepen and grow.

Look no further but become aware of your own body. Does your body hoard food and oxygen, does it worry about tomorrow. No it lives and operates in the NOW and believes in the flow of life. It remains contended with what is required for its sustenance.
Contentment is key to renewal, it is the very nature of life.

On the other hand out of fear and old conditioning we fall prey to accumulate and covet and our never ending desires results in loosing the small joys of life.

I am not saying the great Socrates said : Contentment is natural wealth – luxury is artificial poverty.

Supplication of Nabi ( SA)

‘Allaahuma qanni‘ni bima razaqtani wa baarik li feeh wakhluf ‘ala kulli ghaa’ibatin li bikhayr [O Allah, make me content with what You have provided me, bless it for me and grant me good thing in compensation for whatever I miss ‘

It is but obvious that if we seek out ALLAH to compensate, we stand a better chance to be compensated well rather than our desiring.

Do you agree or not, or you still have doubt that what I sought and missed was better than what ALLAH compensated. Reflect in your life and find answers for your self. You will be surprised.

Al Kalam Moulana Ali ( SA)
Contentment is a wealth which is never exhausted.

A contended person is lovable to himself, loveable to others and most vital ALLAH loves him.

Be a light unto yourself and hold on to the positive thought that I am contented and as for the future it will surely unfold with much joy and bounties as ALLAH loves me.

Keep safe – keep blessed and healthy. Dua ni iltemas

Dated: 14th April 2020

POSITIVITY is a powerful Sanitizing thought that will help you overcome fear and anxiety during these troubling times. Bring out the child in you, become lighthearted and become a beacon of hope for others by affirming : Use me Allah, show me how I can be of service to others, how can I bond with my breatheren in these difficult times.

You have the power of greatness if your seeking is not for fame but service and offering solace.

A positive affirmation is a statement that increases your hope and inner strength and Quran e Kareem so eloquently states in Surah 2 : Ayah 186

‘ Nabi if my servant ask you about ME I am Near. I respond to those who call ME and believe in ME so that they may be guided.’

Sehrullah is just a few days from now.By controlling our thought process in a positive manner, we can increase the effectiveness of our Ibaadat, as well as relieve ourselves from anger, depression and anxiety.

Sajada’t us Shukr va Ubudiyat in the Hazarat of A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula ( TUS).

Mumineen rejoice and offer Hamd and Shukr – a manna has come from heaven that has gladden our hearts in these difficult time, a great burden has been lifted as stated in the Qur’an Surah 10 : 57 Ayah
‘ O people, enlightenment has come from your Lord and healing for anything that troubles your hearts and guidance and mercy for the believers.’

Rejoice Mumineen ! Rejoice and Celebrate with a thankful heart for today on ITS came the following Irshaad munira.

‘ harek mumin na ghar ma Imamat si namaz ni Raza mubarak fazal farmavi che.

Je mumineen ne mafsuhiyat nathi – ye sagla ne bhi. ‘

When I got to know this blessing , I was reminded of the riwayat by Abu Burda who reported : The Nabi ( SA) sent Mu’adh and me to Yemen saying : ‘ Make things easy and do not make things difficult. Give glad tidings .. ‘

More than fourteen centuries have passed and A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula is holding true to the percepts and principles of our beloved Nabi ( SA)

O ALLAH ! A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula je haqqe mubeen na kibla che, yeh Moula ni umre Sharif ne sehato a’fiyat la huzn till day of kiyamat daraz daraz karje. Ameen.

Dua ni iltemas and request my readers to share the post maximum so that mumineen may rejoice and offer Hamd and Shukr.

Keep safe – keep healthy – keep blessed.

Dated : 15 th April 2020

Kindness and simplicity are sanitizing thoughts that empower our mind to release endorphins which gives us a feeling of well being resulting in positive attitude.

Research is beginning to reveal that positive thinking is about much more than just being happy or displaying an upbeat attitude. Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile.

They broaden your sense of possibility and open your mind up to more options.

Learn to find joy in the simplest acts of life. Simplicity is a part of our Deen.

Hadees of Nabi ( SA) ‘Indeed kindness and gentleness does not exist in anything, without beautifying it, and it is not withdrawn from anything without ruining it.’

Simple living and high thinking go hand in hand. Only those who believe in living a simple life can think high and do great deeds in life. Those who prefer living lavishly only think about fulfilling their own desires one after the other and there is no end to it. Such people are so engrossed in gratifying their desires and impressing others by showing off their materialistic possessions that their thinking becomes limited to it. They cannot think high or develop a broad mindset.

Keep safe – Keep healthy – Keep Blessed. Dua ni iltemas.

Dated : 16th April 2020.

The sanitizing THOUGHT of forgiveness is very essential during these troubling times first for your own self and others.

Surah 39 : Ayah 53.

‘O My Iba’di ( devotees) who have committed excesses against their own selves, (by committing evil and sins) do not despair of the Mercy of Allah. Verily Allah forgives all sins. Indeed He is the most Forgiving, the Merciful.’

In Surah 7: Ayah 199 ALLAH commands you to :
‘Show forgiveness, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the ignorant.’

Come Sehrullah and we will be overwhelmed with, clicked forwards of dua arz and seeking forgiveness. Let it not be a mere cliché , but a pious act under taken with due understanding and diligence.

Forgiveness is a transcendent moment when you are able to ‘let go’ and not being held hostage of past hurts – accepting what has been done, and releasing the grudges which have been taking a lot of your energy.

The first step starts with forgiving your own self and than others.

Forgiveness is healing our past by bringing our grievances into our active awareness – try to remember each and every one of them, scoop it out and then – let it go.

As you undertake this practice, observe your self , the burden of past melts and you feel relieved and spiritual

Remember your true nature – the real ‘I’ cannot be hurt. Blame, resentment, revenge fantacies are all false perception of your ego self – the false ‘ I ‘

The knowledge thus acquired and the power of forgiveness becomes agents of healing. A compassionate heart helps in the healing process.

So first start with self forgiveness and than start forgiving others.

My friends, this year you have to work a little hard before shooting off all those WhatsApp messages unconsciously, but you will surely be richly rewarded.

What are the emotional and health benefits of forgiveness ?

Letting go of grudges and bitterness can make way for improved health and peace of mind. Forgiveness can lead to:

Healthier relationships
Improved mental health
Less anxiety, stress and hostility
Lower blood pressure
Fewer symptoms of depression
A stronger immune system – now this is what you badly need to fight Covid 19.
Improved heart health
Improved self-esteem
Ref : Article Mayo Clinic

Forgiving others who have really hurt you is not easy. Empathy will surely help you in this regard. Give your best try.

Empathy is feeling for someone – putting your self in their shoes, so to speak, whereas sympathy is feeling sorry for someone. So Empathy will help you in forgiving as you will connect as one who you intend to forgive.

So go on sanitizing your hands but also practice Forgiveness, it will prove to be more beneficial.

Hope this year before shooting off those random forwards, you will practise active conscious forgiveness.

Covid 19 has given us much free time this year, so take out some quality time and practise forgiveness.

Keep safe – keep healthy – keep blessed. Dua ni arz.

Dated : 17th April 2020

Reflection on the Covid 19 pendamic in the light of our DEEN

Surah 39 : Ayah 10 (last part)
..only those who are patient shall receive their reward in full, without reckoning.

So one should be patient and not be agitated to receive bountiful rewards from Allah, and it raises our status and our sins are forgiven.

Many doubts and questions are raised in our minds as to what is the purpose of this human sufferings. Rightly so, as we are humans who are told to think and reflect.

Are we being simply tested by Allah or being punished for our sins ?

Allah is All Knowing – it is how we react to the calamity determines our status before Allah. If we feel too agitated, impatient and for ever complaining it means we are punished for our sins.

On the other hand if we patiently accept with fortitude the difficulties, till relief comes from Allah we are raising our status, as Allah thus is testing our faith and resolve in HIM.

Every one of us is in a difficult situation but how we react determines our status.

The following Quran Ayah – 104 from An – Nisa Surah 4 offers clarity and succour to believers who have been blessed with ‘tawakkul ‘ ( contentment )

‘ if you are suffering then surely they too are suffering as you are suffering, but you have a hope from Allah ( for the reward ) that for which they hope not, and Allah is Ever All Knowing, All Wise ‘

This Sehrullah make QURAN TINE your QURAN TIME. Do tilawat and more important try to reflect and ponder on the wonders of QURAN.

Let QURAN become your guide and friend. Sharing my personal experience.

As I was marshalling my thoughts on the subject on Allah testing us or punishing us for our sins, I wanted a refrence from QURAN as to Allah punishing us for our sins. For Allah does punish us for our sins.

My Eureka moment was when I found the Ayah 165 Surah Al Imran.
.. ‘ you say from where does it come to us ? Say (to them ) It is from yourselves (because of your evil deeds) and Allah has power over all things.
Alhamdolillah !!

The above ayat is in refrence to the reversal suffered in the battle of Ohad, when the archers left their defence position and ran after the retreating Quraish to lay their hands on the war spoils.

Sharing it just to show an adna like me is also blessed to find a treasure trove in QURAN.

So try building a relationship with QURAN and attain Allah’s Nearness.
Dua ni iltemas

Dated : 18th April 2020

Is Covid 19 pandemic all doom and gloom. No – for people of Faith and Hope it is a spiritual awakening and many a life lessons to be learnt.

All these past years, we have cocooned ourselves with stereotype mindset that monetory rizq will safeguard us, but now we are starting to learn that health and family are Allah’s most sought after Divine Blessings.

We had been busy planning for our tomorrows, but the pandemic has awakened us to life hereafter. Am I wrong ?
Just reflect during this Lockdown period how many times you have remembered Allah on the scale of 1 to 10 during Lockdown and before Covid 19 virus spread.

Technology – Science, the belief in human power and ingenuity etc: have all taken a back seat. The most daring go getters are dumb struck and bewildered. Nothing seems to work right.

Now realisation has swiftly dawned that our very lives depend not on science, technology and our Bank Balances but on the Will of ALLAH.

We are taking all precautions but still feel vulnerable and there are millions out there – the marginalized and the poor for whome social distancing is a luxury and for them from where the food will come a major daily concern, but it is a miracle that their trust in Allah and acceptance of Divine Will is safeguarding them as of now. What the future holds no one knows.

Now we are starting to ask the meaning and purpose of life. Is it not so ?

What we have been holding dear to our lives is not giving us peace and comfort and in these times of desperation Covid 19 is helping us to yearn ( shawq) for Allah which the Sufis term as the second stage of enlightenment.

In it we are sure to find a state of happiness, a state of bliss and state of peace.

Have you ever noticed that when you want to thread a nidle, you put the thread to your lips and smoothen the potruding fibres, and now it becomes real easy.

Likewise become free of all the materialistic add ons, and focus your thoughts on Allah for in Surah 27 : Ayat 62 He Says : Is not HE who responds to the distressed one, when he calls on HIM …. little is that you remember.

So it is not all dark and gloom but Covid 19 is making us remember ALLAH.

Keep safe, keep healthy and be blessed. Dua ni iltemas.

Dated : 20th April 2020

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