Today let me share the most vital and sanitizing THOUGHT that will cleanse your mind of all negative clutter, invigorate (chetna jagavu) of your heart and soul and heal your body.

In these days I think you need that the most. Hope you agree.
That thought is Dikhr ( Zikr) of ALLAH and the best proven method is calling out with tongue and remembering with heart.

The origin and source of any true realisation is through the heart and not the mind.
Al qalb haramullah – heart is the sanctuary of Allah, so if you intend to perform dikhr of Allah become aware of your heart, observe your breathing – in breath, out breath which will help you in calming your mind, and slowly but surely you will be drifting into blissful awareness as your surrounding melts and only Lailaha illallah infuses your being.

Hadees kudsi of RasulAllah ( SA) ‘ kalimatan khafifatan ala al Lisan ….’ These are two words which are very light on the tongue, they are very easy to recite but they are heavy on scales.

To enable your mind to keep focus on ALLAH what better than Al Kalaam Moulana Ali ( SA)

Khutba 45.

Praise is for ALLAH from Whose Mercy no one loses hope, from Whose Bounties no one is deprived from Whose forgiveness no one is disappointed .. His Mercy never ceases….

During these challenging times the Al Kalaam of Moulana Ali ( SA) so poignant and with deep meaning come alive to guide us and offer solace

Khutba 61

Beware : This world is a place from which protection cannot be sought except while one is in it. The action which is performed only for this world cannot secure salvation.

People are tested in it through calamities ( the current pendamic is our test. Death is predestined, so do not be unduly alarmed. Yes take precaution, keep yourself safe but more important see this as an opportunity to serve humanity and ally fears.
Your acts during this challenging times will be taken into account. Take this as an opportunity to do good deeds. Do not hoard, do not be self centred)

Those who have taken worldly pleasure here ….

For the intelligent this world is like a shade – one moment it is spread out and extended but soon it shrinks and contracts.

Saying : 23
To render relief to the grief stricken and to provide comfort in hardship means atonement of big sins.

( In these times we should share words of comforts with those less fortunate and elderly, we should show compassion and understanding, and not add to their worries by sharing unauthenticated Whats App messages )

Beware : Allah is all Aware. He is All Knowing – what you outwardly convey and what you conceal in your heart.

Sharing a less than one min: video of dikhr of my hour long practise, which in the present circumstances keeps me at peace and for ever feel blessed.

DIKHR VIDEO (50 sec:)

Dua ni iltemas


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