Mind Sanitisation with good thoughts


Just yesterday Googled : sanitization to protect against Covid 19 and nearly 69800 pages were there, so I turned my thoughts inwards and reflected what about our thoughts and our mind ?

Thoughts are things, and get manifested. Our mind is the strongest muscle and also are worst enemy. It is proven without doubt that what the mind believes, the body expresses.

So this is my first post on ‘sanitizing thoughts ‘ Hope readers will latch on to this novel concept and I also look forward to learn and share on this exiting journey.

What better way to start the post but with Al – Kala’m of Ameerul Mumineen ( SA) :
What a difference there is between two kinds of action – an act whose pleasure passes away but it’s ill consequences remain and the act where hardship passes away but the reward stays.

How true that the entire humanity is at the cusp of our lives and utterly perplexed, fearful and confused. We are suffering the ill consequences of the pleasures of this world but there is hope that by doing good deeds in this difficult times, we the people of Faith remain composed and at peace, that the hardship will surely pass and the rewards earned by our good deeds will for ever stay.

This is one way of sanitizing the mind with good thoughts :
More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.

Moulana Ali ( SA) is not only my Moula he is Moula e Kayena’t ( entire universe ). A single act of his during his earthly life spawns into millions of good and noble deeds through centuries till Day of Kiyamat. This is my firm Belief.

HOW ? This than is my humble attempt. Pull me up if I am wrong.

We all know the riwayat of Moulana Ali giving away to Miqdad the dirhams he had taken as Qard from a Jew. Will not go into detail as every one knows the often narrated riwayat in Majlis.

Those were hard times for the families of Moulana Ali and Miqdad – but ‘Ali to’ Ali chhe.’ He gave the dirhams to Miqdad and came to Masjid.

Miqdad was able to satiate the five day hunger of his family. ‘Ali to’ Ali chhe’ and I can repeat it a thousand times, for I bear witness that the effects of this one good and noble act of Moulana Ali is manifesting in thousands of good deeds across the world in these challenging times.

The good effects of his giving away the dirhams to Miqdad continues for centuries, specially during hard times as we are presently witnessing.

Look around and observe – an elderly priest with Covid 19 and suffering giving away his ventilator to save a life of a younger patient. Our beloved Aqa Moula ( TUS ) donating a large sum for relief work, Mr. Ratan Tata and Tata Group contributing 1500 crores – Sundar Pichai committing dollar 800 million plus, the list goes on…

The brave health workers in the front line, each day walking into fire to save lives etc: a total of 76000 New York retired Health workers have come forward to help. Amazing is it not, when we are staying put at our homes.

Whenever I read reports of such unselfish acts resulting from compassion around the world, a I am reminded of Moula Ali ( SA)

To me it is the chain of noble deeds resultant from that one act of Moulana Ali ( SA) when his family was facing hardship and deprivation. Hope you all agree.

Scientists are talking about herd immunity to overcome the virus but at great costs of life.
Here would like you to reflect on the karam and ehsanaats of our beloved Aqa Moula ( TUS) – the clear evidence of Ta’eed of Imam uz Zaman ( SA) in his irshaad munira to hold aza Majlis each night in mumeen households around the world.

Observe what thoughts arise when you and others gather your loved ones at home to hear the Majlis. You will all agree that the common thread of thought is ‘gham e Hussain’ – the thought that will keep all of us immune. The same positive and solace inducing thought arises in each household at a particular time ( 9.45 to 10.15pm in India)

I have written on ‘ non locality experiments’ where atoms at great distances behave in similar fashion. Not to make my post long, will refrain from details, but those interested may read on my home page.

Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out to our dear ikhwans ( brothers) and all humanity specially in Europe – Great Britain and USA where these coming two weeks is going to witness much pain, misery and loss of life according to the experts in those countries.

Let me conclude with a sobering Al – Kalaam of Moulana Ali : All matters are subject to destiny, so much so that death results from effort.

So let us have faith, let good thoughts and deeds be our armour and the love of Awliya Kiraams and our Aqa Moula will see us through these difficult times Insa Allah.


Share the post with family and friends in the hope that it may inspire many to show compassion and understanding in these challenging times, so that the treasure of good deeds increases many fold and we remain safe and in good health and bounce back once this is over.


3 thoughts on “Mind Sanitisation with good thoughts

  1. A very reassuring and meaningful write up. Really tries to give purpose to overcome hard times smilingly.


  2. Great. Sheikh Heptullabhai ziarat in Dahod attains more significance in today’s times, who during Plague epidemic in Dahod which took many lives. He prayed to ALLAH and offered his life to be sacrificed for entire mumineen community to be saved. It so happened that he passed away. Dahod thus was saved an example in our challenging time of Spiritual herd immunity !!
    He was the Amil Saheb of Dahod during that period.


  3. Very well said. Ofcourse for us Maula Ali (AS) is dearer than our life. I was really struck by the meaning in this short quote you provided ” What a difference there is between two kinds of action – an act whose pleasure passes away but it’s ill consequences remain and the act where hardship passes away but the reward stays.”

    to our non-muslim friends and others though one can note that there were unselfish acts by great men in previous periods too for example the Stoics put a lot of emphasis on doing the right thing.

    thought provoking and inspiring posts as always! thanks Asgar bhai – more power to you!


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