Does Corona Virus distinguish between ME and THEM ? – a reflective piece under Lockdown

A reflective write up with underlying message, written under Lockdown.

Does the Corona Virus distinguish between ME and THEM

Sitting at home , with my daily morning walks in the Society also put on hold I am turning into moron, frequently staring out blank from my window and dozing off intermittently.

However, the following news reports shook me up and made me reflect. The one is sad one from oversees that Prince Charles who had recently been trending on the Internet for his social distancing by proffering to do Namste has tested positive – O why ? O why ? Praying for his complete recovery.

The other is the speech by our Prime Minister declaring 21 Day Lockdown with mid night effect on 24th March 2020.

The scenes of social distancing witnessed immediately after the speech has really frightened me. As the virus manifests after 5 to 7 days I am sitting tight at home with the hope and pray that it does not come knocking at my santized home.

The agonizing reports of 30 crores daily wage earners left worried and confused with no relief in sight. The report of a family with kids walking from Delhi to Aligarh – a journey that will take two days. 15 workers of a steel unit in Unnao whose services were terminated and were told to vacate their living quarters walking back home to Barabanki a 120 kms journey. The rickshaw pullers fleeing Delhi with their vehicles loaded with meagre belongings, when asked how many days it will take, said ‘ sab what is the other option, we have to be with our family or else we will die here and our children there in the villages’

Than there is a report from South Africa where the Government has announced Lockdown after 3 days so that migrant and other people can go home to their families and every citizen without panic can get their house in order, as essential services as in our country will be available.

Now Dr. Tedros of WHO has said that the advantage of Lockdown is it will help only delay and give Government time to ramp up its health care system and identify those already infected with the virus. My mind races to the scenes of night of 24 th March 2020 and the aftermath.

As seniors living alone, we are taking utmost care, my wife and myself doing social distancing. We each have our lunch and dinner seperately in our room and do our own dishes.

I try to convince my dear wife that every thing will be fine but she wakes up during night with fright.

Her argument is if Prince Charles and all those rich and affluent living in sanitized homes can be afflicted, how can it not afflict us, although I take bath twice a day and wash hands frequently.

My only answer is that we are taking good care and it is the Will of Allah and HE will surely safeguard us.

I made her call up my maid who lives in the basti with her five kids and husband in a single room, near our society.

She felt a little reassured after talking to her that : Madam what will happen will happen – khali pili tension nahi leneka, mein itne small room baccho ke saath rehti hoo.

This made me reflect that we feel social distancing from THEM will save ME – but will it. Who knows who is the carrier.

Tension nahi lene ka kya ? Toh fir is halaat mein karne ka kiya?
Remember ALLAH – remember all those unfortunate who are suffering – do Shukr ( be thankful) for the immense blessing you have, how fortunate you are and most important reach out to all those in need.

Try to be an understanding and good human, introspect, pray for all those in need of prayers, do not fall prey to rumours, have faith in Allah – this according to me is what the Virus out there wants to teach us.

Hand sanitizing – social distancing etc : are good, but during these challenging times, to be a good understanding human may save me from the virus.

2 thoughts on “Does Corona Virus distinguish between ME and THEM ? – a reflective piece under Lockdown

  1. The most dangerous enemy is at our doorstep, in our neighbourhood and in our midst. We have to open our eyes and hearts to see this enemy.
    Its indeed a big irony that people are worried on the simple things that they think is the main reason of spreading covid19. People are talking of washing hands eith soap for about 20 seconds. Few talk about cleansing our hearts and minds and our thinking from its garbage, dirt and filth which is the actual carrier of this fatal virus. Very few are initiating to find means and ways to feed those poor people who are starving and homeless, to look after the sick and the old people and destitutes. There are women out there who are living alone at the mercy of your compassion and integrity. There the children strewn everywhere who are inflicted with malnutrition. Simply looking toward you in anticipation spreading there hands for a kind and graceful gesture. If the world pays more attention to these small little things that has shredded our world then there is hope of defeating this small enemy called corvid19.


  2. One youngster on reading above asked – Uncle so those who are dying have sinned.
    Ans : Not at all, they were destined to die this way Allah Knows we know not.
    According to me they sacrifised their lives to teach us all a lesson. Their death should be remembered with compassion


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