Sanitising (Purifying) the SOUL


It is good to note that in order to safeguard the population all Govt: Agencies have become very proactive and the population has become more aware to safeguard themselves.

Let us all hope and pray that the virus is contained quickly.

Taking the opportunity to convey some thoughts. Read – reflect – relax and be motivated.

Being seniors living alone by ourselves, recently we have been garnering much family attention. A large part of our extended family living in Pune are much worried that any foolish misadventure on my part will put them all in great trouble.

In these gloomy days it can be counted as small blessing to read and sympathise with our Society ladies ( similar scenario may be in all Societies ). They are all in Catch 22 situation with regard to their maid servants. They desperately want them to come but are also afraid.

With movement restricted, the long forgotten local grocer is being remembered.

Today morning he came home to deliver a few groceries, and my dear wife armed with so much of Whats App ‘ gyan’ from lady chat groups clean wiped the packets, took them to the balcony to sun tan them, so that any lurking virus may die and sanitised her hands thoroughly.

As I watched her in amusement, all of sudden Eureka a thought crossed my mind. Let me share it with you.

These are challenging times and we have to be very careful. However, this is the right time to do good noble deeds, and sanitise ( Purify) our SOULS.
Consider these time as a God given opportunity. Hope you agree.

In conclusion sharing two heart warming videos of how to sanitise the Soul. Hope in the coming days Allah Forbid if the situation becomes worse, humanity will show us the way to stunt the growth of virus by our good deeds. Take care. Be safe and have faith and keep praying .

” This is the time to surrender ME to WE ” Chris Cuomo – Governor of New York

Jennifer Haller of Seattle sanitising her soul by being the first volunteer to get the Corona Virus vaccine .Salute you lady.

Personal sacrifices to reach out and help the world.

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