The Feeling of Spring in the Winter of our Lives



It is the karam, ehsana’t and farsightedness of A’ali Qadr Muffaddal Moula that each passing year different segment of our community is being revitalized and rejuvinated, thus bringing succour, happiness and far reaching benefits.

This year communal elder care is taking centre stage, and Jamaats the world over are enthusiastically undertaking programmes and activities to bring much needed happiness and good cheer to the Seniors of the society.




Aqa Moula (TUS) is the Prime Mover and recently the entire community is gearing up to add zing and zest into the life of the seniors of their community.

Jamaat Organization’s all over are being actively involved and hope some lasting benefits and programmes to help make Seniors live a quality and full filling life will have lasting results. The Print Media is giving wide coverage of this initiative and thus other communities and societies will also be motivated to start Elder Care Programmes. Insa Allah

Five Tips to Improve Seniors’ Quality of Life

Monitor and Treat Depression. Generally seniors age 65+ are affected by depression.

Remind Seniors That They Are Useful and Needed. People of all ages want to feel needed.

Encourage Physical Activity. Try to encourage some regular physical activity.

Encourage Mental Activity.

Keep Them Connected.

The enjoyment of life and general happiness are relevant determinants of mobility and future disability in seniors. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The evidence showed that those who were unhappy were three times as likely to develop issues in their physical activities as compared to those who were leading a happy life on account of family or Community support.

Research has shown that a strong sense of purpose for seniors had a protective effect. People who stayed in touch with family and friends stayed healthy in their old age.

One idea that is doing rounds is that the Mazarat’s in India which provide a spiritual and rejuvinating environment could offer free or concessional room charges for children who accompany their senior parents for ziyarat.

True Seniors have many disabilities but they have a great deal of emphaty, experience and wisdom and the youngsters who mingle with Seniors can enrich their lives, become better humans, thus the community becomes more wholesome and richer. It is a win win situation for the elderly and the young.
According to Erik Erikson, one of the first psychologists to describe social development across the lifespan , providing an opportunity and space for older adults with youth can provide advantages for both groups. For example, such relationships can:

Provide an opportunity for both to learn new skills

Give the child and the older adult a sense of purpose

Help children to understand and later accept their own aging

Invigorate and energize older adults

Help reduce the likelihood of depression in the elderly

Reduce the isolation of older adults

Fill a void for children who do not have grandparents available to them

Help keep family stories and history alive

Aide in cognitive stimulation as well as broaden social circles should a youth introduce technology into the life a senior.

The Bohra Community is for ever indebted to our beloved Aqa  Moula ( TUS) for this noble and far reaching initiative. The elderly should also reflect and give their best by positive thinking, regular excercises, and inculcating good character and happy go lucky attitude. This will greatly help in rallying around your family and youngsters of the community.

A most meaningful, soul stirring Nazam composed by Shk: Yusufbhai Jamali of Mumbai and rendered beautifully by Mustafabhai Retiwala – ‘ buzurg ho’ gaye  to’ kya abhi bhi yeh dil jawan hei’ is a fitting tribute and has become very popular on the social media of our community.



2 thoughts on “The Feeling of Spring in the Winter of our Lives

  1. Very true and mind relishing article,yes very important to fill the blanks in seniors where they are struggling themselves with their aching age,and feeling low that they have become burden on their family which makes them depressed and isolated,some becomes isolated some becomes irritable, these symptoms comes up when they feel they r neglected and dont need anymore in their family.In this fast growing society and upcoming social life they get lost somewhere . Only and only our beloved Mola tus can bring in light to us that buzurgo are not burden but an added flavor to our house to our life and that they should not be isolated but an important part of our lives an important member and head of the house, community.
    Let’s follow our Mola’s shown path always and may Allah Subhanahu gives us strength to follow each and every advice of our Aqa tus and lead our life as per his khushi.
    Amate sayedna tus
    Durratusharaf Saifee

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  2. Now that khidmatguzars after interaction with Seniors have gathered informations with regard to health conditions, mental state and family support systems and other related issues concerning individual Seniors it is hoped that follow up action and regular monitoring will be done at Jamaat level so that the elderly can live a much contented and better lives. Individual councelling will surely help.


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