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Maqil the spy succeeded in getting an audience with Muslim bin Aquil and thus came to know that he was staying at the house of Hani bin Urwah.

Shortly Hani was summoned to the Palace and he forcefully denied any knowledge. When Ibn Ziyad called upon Makil and asked him if he knew Hani and received an answer that he indeed knew him and what transpired, Hani came to know that he was a spy of Ibn Ziyad.

Ibn Ziyad said, “No, by God, you will never part from me unless you bring him to me.” Hani responded, “No, by God, I shall never bring him to you. Do you expect me to
bring my guest for you to kill?” Ibn Ziyad repeated his insistence and Hani rejected his proposal.

After some heated arguments Ibn Ziyad started beating Hani with a stick repeatedly on his face that blood trickled down his beard.

‘Abdallah b. Khazim was the first eye-witness to report of the treatment meted out to Hani by Ibn Ziyad to Muslim bin Aquil.

Upon hearing the news, Muslim gave instruction to give out a call to assemble all his supporters.
He had numerous followers in close vicinity and a total of 18,000 people had pledged allegiance. Of these, 4,000 were nearby and assembled, and they marched towards the Palace.

Meantime Ibn Ziyad sent out his supporters to threaten the Kufan leaders and specially ladies of facing dire consequences in taking up arms against the Governor.

‘Abbas Jadali reports: When we left with Ibn ‘Aqil, marching towards the palace, we were 4,000-strong. When we approached the palace, the number of supporters had shrunk to 300 men. People continued to withdraw and disperse, such that by evening Ibn Aqil had only 30 followers at the mosque, praying with him. When he saw this dismal state of affairs, he decided to head towards the gatesof Kindah, and his support level was reduced to 10 men.When he left the gate no one was with him.

The Kufahns had abandoned Muslim out of fear of Syrian reprisals, as wily Ibn Ziyad had managed to spread rumour that a large contingent of Syrian army will be arriving shortly.

As night fell Muslim all alone and a abandoned roamed the alleys of Kufah and reached the door of Taw’ah and requested her for water.She gave him water but after drinking the same he found Muslim still sitting at her door step. The lady became agitated and told Muslim to move on.

He rose and said to her “O servant of God, I have no house or family in this town. Can you show me compassion and kindness which I may be able to reciprocate in the
future?” She asked him to identify himself, and he replied
that he was Muslim b. ‘Aqil, deceived and cheated by the
false promises of the people. She asked him again if he wasMuslim. When he replied in the affirmative, she asked him toenter her house and took him to a separate room. She spread out a carpet and offered him food, but he ate nothing.

As night fell Ibn Ziyad became very anxious and fearing attack, sent search parties to apprehend Muslim. They returned empty handed.

Bilal b. Asid the son of the old lady returned home after hearing of the revolt by Muslim b. Aquil and the search for him.

He observed his mother quite agitated and felt that she was hiding something from him. He confronted her and the mother after seeking promise from his son that he would not divulge the secret to any one, told her that Muslim was hiding in the house.

In the morning with the hope of getting a good reward Bilal confided to a close confidant of Ibn Ziyad – Mohammad b. Ash’ath through his son.

Ibn Ziyad instructed sixty – seventy men from the tribe of Qays to accompany Amr b. Huryath and Mohammad b. Ash’ath to capture Muslim.

Muslim b. Aquil rushed out and started attacking. Bukayr struck Muslim on his mouth and in return Muslim delivered a severe blow on his head. People started throwing stones on Muslim from top of their homes.

Mohammad b. Ash’ath cried out to Muslim. ” O young man, you can have a guarantee of security. Do not cause yourself to perish”

Muslim continued to attack reciting the ‘rajish’ – war poetry which boosts moral.

‘ I swear I will not be killed except as a free man
though I consider death as something repulsive
every person will one day confront death…
the soul will become tranquil and free of fear
I suspect that I will be deceived and duped ‘

Mohammad b. Ash’ath kept assuring Muslim that he would not be cheated, betrayed or killed.

Muslim was exhausted and rested at a wall of a house and was approached by Ash’ath and as rightly anticipated by Muslim the Kufahns did not keep the promise.

He was made to sit on a mule and when they took away his sword, with tears flowing he said – ” this is the first act of betrayal. We belong to Allah and to Him is our return.”

Muslim began to cry out aloud and when ‘Amr b. Ubbaydallah chided him for being weak.

Muslim replied, “By Allah, I do not weep for myself or mourn for my death, although I do not welcome destruction. I lament for my family who are on their way and for Husayn and his family.”

Muhammad b. Ash‘ath sought permission to enter.
When permission was granted, Muslim b. ‘Aqil was taken in to see Ibn Ziyad, but he did not salute him as the governor.

The guard questioned Muslim, “Do you not greet the governor?” Muslim replied, “If he desires my death, what is the point of giving him the salutation of peace? …. ” Ibn Ziyad said, “By my life, you will certainly be killed.”

Since death was imminent,Muslim requested for a person from his tribe to carry out his will, and Ibn Ziyad consented.

Ibn Ziyad said, “Take him away to the very top of the palace and sever his head. Then hurl down his body after throwing down his head.” Muslim said to Ibn Ash‘ath, “By God, if you had not guaranteed me security I would not have surrendered. Thus, rise up with your sword and fulfill your promise.”

Ibn Ash‘ath approached Ibn Ziyad and informed him of the guarantee of security that was offered to him. The latter replied, “What do you have to do with offering
guarantees of security, as if we sent you for that mission. In reality, we sent you only to bring him to us.” Ibn Ash‘ath stayed quiet and did not reply.

Ibn Ziyad summoned Bukayr who was severely injured by Muslim b. Aquil in the previous day attack, to take him on the rooftop of the palace and strike his head off, throw down his body and bring the head to him.

When Bukayr came down with the head, Ibn Ziyad asked him what were the last words of Muslim. To which he said : “When I approached him to kill him he praised Allah and said, ‘O Allah, judge between us and a community that tempted us, deceived us, humiliated us and killed us.’

As the events of Muslim b. ‘Aqil unfolded in the way that they did, Ibn Ziyad refused to honor his promise to Muhammad b. Ash‘ath, who feared vengeance from Hani’s tribe, since he had brought Muslim to Ibn Ziyad [on the promise] that he would not kill Muslim.

Fearing backlash he ordered that Hani be taken to the market and his head severed.

Hani’s hands were tied. He was bought at a place in the market that sold sheep, where he cried out, “O Madhhij! There is no one from the tribe of Madhhij today to rescue me?

When he realized that there was no one to help him, he wrested his hands free of the bonds and said, “Is there no stick, knife, stone or bone with which one can defend

They all pounced on him and tied him again but more tightly and said to him, “Stretch out your neck.” Hani replied, “I am not generous in giving away my life and I will not assist you in taking my life away.” A Turkish mawla of ‘Ubaydallah b. Ziyad by the name of Rashid struck him with a sword but it caused him no harm. Hani screamed, “To Allah is the return. O Allah, the return is to Your Mercy and Your Paradise.” Then, Rashid struck him for the second time and killed him. Thereafter, he took his head to Ibn Ziyad.

Ibn Ziyad sent the heads of Muslim and Hani to Yezid.

The rising of Muslim b. ‘Aqil took place on Tuesday, 8 Dhulhijjah 60 A.H. Imam Husayn departed from
Mecca on the same day.

Upon the death of Muslim b. ‘Aqil and Hani b. ‘Urwah, the following ode was composed by Farazdaq as an eulogy:

If you do not realize what death is, then learn by looking at Hani and Ibn ‘Aqil in the market.
One whose face is smashed by the sword and another killed from a great height.
It was the governor’s order that led to their destruction
and they became historical legends …. .

Imam Husayn left Medina for Mecca on Sunday in the month of Rajab with two days remaining in the year 60 A.H.

He arrived in Mecca on Friday, 3 Sha‘ban. He stayed in Mecca for the months of Sha‘ban, Ramadan, Shawwal and
Dhulqa‘dah. Then, he left Mecca on the 8 Dhulhijjah on Tuesday, the Day of Tarwiyyah, which coincided with the uprising of Muslim b. ‘Aqil.

In Mecca Ibn Zubayr frequently met Imam Husyn, and Moula Husyn knew that Ibn Zubayr although outwardly proffessing love and affection feared that Imam Husyn stay was reducing his influence amongst the people of Hijaz.

When Ibn Zubayr came to know that Imam Husyn had decided to travel to Kufah, he was overjoyed, and came to meet the Imam. After he left Imam Husyn observed as follows:

“There is nothing in this world more pleasing for him than my departure from the Hijaz to Iraq, for he knows well that he will have no say in this matter while I am here. The people will not hold him equal to me in status. He would be pleased to see me leave Mecca and the path cleared for him.”

Ibn Abbas also came and confided that the people of Iraq are deceitful and unreliable. They should be first told to remove the Ummayad Governor, and only after that you should proceed to Kufah.

Meantime you can stay in Mecca or go to Yemen where there is a large following.

Appreciating the concerns of Ibn Abbas Imam Husyn replied : ‘ I seek the best choice of Allah and will see what happens. You have offered sincere advice and have spoken with intelligence. Whatever is decreed to happen will happen, whether I pay heed to your advice or not. In my estimation, you are a most praiseworthy consultant and a most sincere advisor”

Imam Husyn knew what was to happen and why he had to undertake the journey to Karbala with his family and Ash’ab kirams.

Umar b. Abd al Rehman a cousin also requested Imam Husyn not to proceed to Kufah stating : ” the Kufahns are enslaved to dirhams and dinars and controlled by tax collectors and Ummayad leaders. I fear for your safety”

To him also Imam Husyn appreciating his concern and love said to him: ” whatever is decreed to happen will happen, whether I pay heed to your advice or not”

From this Akhbar the Anwa’r we are blessed with is the complete ‘ tawakkul on Allah.’ Imam Husyn knew what was to transpire, but he replied to all them who approached him appreciating their love and concern but told them that he is solely guided by the Decree of Allah.

In our life also we should be totally submissive to the Will of Allah.’ Whatever will be, will be ‘

REFLECTION : Day of Tarwiyyah means – the day of fetching water and quenching thirst, for on this day the pilgrims wear irham and prepare to journey to Arafa’t.

Imam Husyn on this day resolved to undertake the final journey to quench the thirst of salvation of the followers of Ahle Bait ( AS) who will mourn him and recall his azeem sacrifice on the burning sands of Karbala.

When Imam Husyn prepared to leave from Mecca Amar b. Sa’ad instructed his brother Yahya to prevent Imam Husyn from leaving. There was heated exchange and a minor skirmish but Imam Husyn managed to leave.

Meantime Imam Husyn received a letter from Abdullah b. Jafar b. Abi Talib wherein he stated his concern for Imam Husyn and his family : ‘ If you were to be killed today, the light of earth would extinguish, for you are the banner of the well- guided, the hope of the believers. Do not make haste in your journey, as I am coming shortly upon the receipt of this letter. Peace.

The letter was sent with his sons ‘Awn and Muhammad.

Accordingly Abdullah b. Jafar told Amar b. Sa’ad to write a letter of security and guarantee, give Imam Husyn assurance and trust and send it with your brother Yahya, so that he can be reassured.

Imam Husyn declined the offer made and wrote a letter in which he stated various things amongst which he stated : ‘ You have invited me to embrace your guarantee of security, kindness and compassion. However, the best guarantee is that of Allah’

He also told the messengers that “I have seen a dream in which the Nabi (SA) peace and blessings be upon him, has commanded me in the present matter.” They asked,
“What is the dream about?” Husayn replied, “I am not at liberty in this and cannot disclose it until my Lord informs.”

Imam Husyn reached Ta’nim and from there arrived at Sifah where he was met by Farzdaq b. Ghalib and Imam Husyn requested him to give news of Kufah.

He replied ” You have asked some one who knows the situation.
The hearts of the people are with you, but their swords are with Banu Umayyah. The decree will come from heaven and Allah will do whatever He desires.”

Imam Husyn replied “You have said the truth. The decree belongs to Allah and He will do what He desires…. ” After this they parted and Imam Husyn arrived at Hajir from Batn al Rumah.




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