Let me show you.

Start thinking small !! I knew you would be surprised. I was also when I came to know of it for the first time. Start thinking like a bee.

The life span of a worker bee ranges from six weeks (in the summer) to twenty weeks (in the winter) Most of her brief existence is spent gathering nectar to make honey.

A bee in her lifetime makes only 1/12 th of a teaspoon of honey – a tiny fraction of the hundred pounds of honey that a typical colony needs to survive.

The bee does not directly benefit from the honey she makes, instead, it will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone.

The bee teaches us a lesson, that we can also bring about change, by not worrying about the size of our contributions and by letting our efforts join in action of others.

Take the first step in what ever field you are interested in by saying aloud ” I am insignificant, but my 1/12 of a teaspoon counts ” and in due course if your intent is true you will find a miracle unfold.

Ref : Ted Talks Marianne Gee.

Now let me share my personal story of how I contributed and made my 1/12 teaspoon of effort count. I share this with the ‘niyat’ that others may be inspired no matter how small their contribution be, but to make it count.

When Burhani Masjid – Kolkata was under construction in 2008 and hundreds of young volunteers were offering their services lifting construction materials etc: I confided to Janab Yunus BS  Zainuddin , that I regret I am unable to volunteer because of my medical condition. However, I used to write blogs and providing motivation.
He adviced me to come each Sunday and do tilawat of Dua e Nasrul Mahaba’. Heeding to his advice during the entire construction period each Sunday I used to go to the masjid site and continued  till Hayyul Muqaddas Burhanuddin Moula ( AQ) performed Iftetah in Jan: 2011.

I left Kolkata in May 2012 and settled in Pune, but till date each Sunday I do tilawat of the Dua and offer Hadiyah to Hayyul Muqaddas Burhanuddin Moula ( AQ) and while doing tilawat I vividly recall those eventful days.

Friends my contribution seems insignificant but this is how I made my 1/12 teaspoon of effort count.

Hope I have been able to motivate you and prove that how small or insignificant our efforts be, if added with the efforts of others can bring about big results and solve bigger problems.





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