The Historic First Papal Visit to UAE


Pope Francis and Dr. Ahmad El Tayyeb. Grand Mufti of Al Azhar.
Pope Francis flew back to Vatican after three day historic first visit to Abu Dhabi.
At the Papal Mass attended by 1,80,000 the Pope made ardent plea for peace, harmony and diversity.
A significant development is the announcement by HH Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan of construction of Abrahamic Family Home in Abu Dhabi.
This is a step in right direction. Assimilation of three Monotheistic religion under single roof will go a long way in understanding and removing of misconceptions.
One step up in this Year of Tolerance.
During Fatimid Imams (SA) Jews and Christians held high offices, some converted others served in high posts keeping their faith.
Insa Allah will share details in near future.

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