Even Dear Santa is so alarmed at the wanton destruction of the Enviornment that this Christmas has sent a special message to honour and respect Nature.

Ecotheology is an intregal part of all world religion. What is ECOTHEOLOGY ?

Ecotheology is a form of constructive theology that focuses on the interrelationships of religion and nature, particularly in the light of environmental concerns. Ecotheology generally starts from the premise that a relationship exists between human religious/spiritual worldviews and the degradation of nature.

A’ali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula ( TUS) is also very concerned about the rapid and alarming degradation of Nature and on the joyous occasion of his 75 th Milad Mubarak under his guidance the community is taking many laudable and far reaching initiatives to protect Environment.

The Community in general is thus becoming more aware and conscious of actively protecting the Enviornment.

My ‘write up’ is a small step in this regard.


There are 750 verses in the QURAN E KAREEM that are directly or indirectly related to the Creation of the Natural World – the laws that govern it and its impact on the quality of human life.

Islam enjoins that a Muslim’s attitude towards his/her Enviornment should be based on the principles of Justice (‘adl)  wisdom ( hikmaah)  and compassion ( rahma)

Quran ayat 57: 7  ‘ Believe in Allah and his Messenger and spend of that whereof He has made you Trustees……

The meaning of this verse has been truely conveyed by Moulana Ali (SA) ” partake of it ( the bounties of Nature) so long as you are the benefactor, not despoiler, a cultivator,  not a destroyer.. man’s abuse of any resource is prohibited.

Humans are appointed as Trustees but have become ‘owners’ and here is the root cause of environmental disequilibrium.

Islamic Ecotheology addresses this malady, it helps in rebuilding the concept of ‘ trusteeship’ rather than ‘absolute ownership’ advocating  applying modern technology to earth and its resources thereby improving earth’s condition and protect the ecology from man’s exploitative behaviour.

Becoming ‘AWARE’ is the first step. The greed and exploitive behaviour of humans have to be checked, and this is specifically what our community children studying in numerous ‘Dawat idaraas’ are fast learning by taking part in different cleaning activities. Thus the religious consciousness is being awakened and in years to come the good effects of this 75 th Milad Mubaraka initiative will surely have a beneficial effect, and ecological justice, which is the crying need of our times will be restored. In sa Allah

Article Refrence : Islamic Ecotheology – A Religious call to protect Ecosystem by Malik Gazi Bilal

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