KEM CHHO ? It is not just a superficial and routine utterance,that many forward with gay abandon on free WhatsApp but it does have a very transformative and uplifting quality for both the one who with true intent asks and the one who is asked ?

I have been blessed to witness and be enriched with the transformative and uplifting quality through my small personal initiative of ‘ Changing Life’

A deserving mumin student who got admission in a reputed college and a good study course, on account of financial constraints was on the verge of leaving studies when my small concern changed his life for the better.

He has an excellent academic record these past three years, and shortly he is on the threshold of achieving his dream. I am equally exited as he is. There are many such success stories in both Education and Medical field. One mumin bhai is enjoying his off shore job in Great Britain and travelling to Europe, others are employed in tech companies. Only a few as my reach and resources are very limited, but non the less I have gained much.

One mumina Bhen who was very low on self confidence because of her projecting front teeth, after undergoing a dental procedure gained much needed confidence and a job and is now well settled with children of her own. I myself was amazed at the burst of confidence and demeanour when she came to meet me after the operation.

I feel blessed in this Milad Month that my grandson Murtaza is also experiencing the sheer joy of ‘ reaching out ‘ by service through his school – The Cambridge High School   Abu Dhabi , to The Mission of Charity – Kolkata. Hope this experience will play an important part in his life.

To be without mobile for more than three weeks in itself is an achievement for him.


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