75 th Milad Mubaraka – Turning the Tide

75 th Milad Mubaraka Celebrations – Turning the Tide
With 15,000 tons of plastic waste generated in India each day !! Of which 6000 tons remain uncollected and littered thus the environmental problem being faced is horrendous. Think of the problem we are creating for our future generation.

I have crossed 70 but I shudder to think of the problems my grandchildren are going to face in the coming years.

Over the last ten years our world has produced more plastic than during the whole of last century.

It takes 500 – 1000 years for plastic to degrade.

Every year more than eight million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans of the world damaging marine eco system and killing an estimated one million birds, one lac sea mammals and untold number of fishes. (Report : Study by Nature Communicational Journal )

The news report of a 5000 kgs Ocra Whale carrying its dead baby for days in the ocean is so heart breaking and a ‘wake up ‘ call for the humanity. The baby died from drinking plastic ingested poisoned milk of her mother. I am posting the pictures of the poor Ocra Whale with her dead baby and a graphic installation on a beach of a dead Sperm Whale, so that the readers may become aware of the harm we are causing to the environment.


Now it is the innocent birds, mammals, fishes etc: in years to come it will be our children and grand children who will suffer greatly on account of deadly enviornment.

Numerous celebration programmes are keeping the community members busy but this initiative undertaken under the auspicies of Burhani Foundation India is most praiseworthy and I feverntly hope and pray that in days to come, with more awareness among the community members, it will surely as the name suggests TURNING THE TIDE go a long way in saving our world and environment.

Mine is just a humble effort to bring to light the enormity of the problem that the world is facing. The community Idaras and specially the professionals and youngsters should come together to achieve a sizeable long term impact on the enviornment.

There are many who are striving to turn the tide for the betterment of humanity.
Just to mention a few.. Kerela’s Suchitra Mission has roped in the services of 28 fishermen from Neendukara harbour to remove plastics that either get stuck in the fishing nets or float in the sea. In the last ten months since the project was launched, they have managed to recover 25 tons of plastic that would have otherwise killed marine life.

Prasanth Lingam and Aruna are trying to provide affordable housing and paved tiles from plastic waste.

Proffesor Rajagopalan Vasudevan of Madurai has pioneered a process of using waste plastic for road surfacing and many States are considering to mplement this plastic waste management initiative.

The above are just a few that have readily come to mind.

All around the world there are many such initiatives not all grandiose but undertaken by dedicated individuals and communities that are providing a beacon of hope.

Let us make the 75 th Milad Mubaraka celebrations more meaningful and beneficial to the world wide humanity. Our community does not lack resources or talent, the need is to become aware of the grave problem.

Burhani Foundation India has taken the first bold step. Hope many more community organisations and Jamaat will join in to make this WORLD A BETTER PLACE.






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