To ‘see’ is relative to one who is seeing. To illustrate my point, I will narrate a very common sight that we happen to see a number of times.

A kite (bird of hawk family) who has ensnared a mouse firmly between its legs, was being pursued frantically by other kites and crows, and there was a much commotion up in the sky. A common scene that we witness in our cities.

The kite tries many ways to escape with its prey. At last exhausted and disgusted, it drops the mouse, which is instantly caught by another kite, which is now hotly pursued. Once free of its burden, it alights to rest on a tree branch, beneath which a wise sage is sitting and he has also been observing closely the spectacle in the sky. This is what he says: ‘Oh what peace and happiness attend upon him who shakes off all worldly attractions and burdens and becomes free! What danger otherwise.’ Thus saying he falls into deep contemplation.

How very true.

To ‘let go’ does not mean to forsake the world and go deep into the woods.It is more to do with our attitude towards materialism.If we make it a means to attend a noble end, it is beneficial but if we make it an ‘end in itself’ it will surely bring sorrow and misery.

A sterling example of what I want to convey is reflected in the life of Moulana Ali (S.A.) and in the nasihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheb. ‘hazar viga zameen kherta pote apni kuvaat thi khazuri te ma boi ne daulat peda karta mehnat thi’ But at the same time Moulana Ali (S.A.) admonishes worldly materialism with the words ‘ khank che tara khazana upar….’

Detachment in human relationship does not mean an absence of caring. It means caring so much, that you suspend your own value judgements about others and relate to them from a position of love rather than attempting to control or judge them. The person who is detached in this sense is one who will avoid all the unnecessary sufferings that most people experience in their relationship.

Try squeezing a handful of water and see how quickly it disappears. But relax and let your hand flow in the same water as long as you like. This is the principle of detachment and flowing. Allowing the things to flow naturally is the way of the universe. Hope my posts have made you more aware.


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