[13/09, 5:30 PM] Asgar Fakhrudin: Sajadaat us Shukr for the world wide Vaaz relay from Indore. For more than three times the number who have not been able to travel to Indore I am sharing my 1428 H article that will bring cheer and solace. The relay makes us all one with A’li Qadr Moula.
[14/09, 9:21 PM] Asgar Fakhrudin: 3rd Vaaz Mubarak Reflection. QALB E SALEEM. (Pure Heart) Aqa Moula in this context narrated riwayat of Ibrahim Nabi – Moulana Abdul Muttalib and Imam Hussain (SA).
QALB E SALEEM is a sincere, safe, sound and healthy heart. A heart free of kibr – hasad and Hiqd ( pride- jealousy and hatred)
QALB is an a’lat ( instrument organ) which has been given the capacity of perceiving the divine Attributes of Allah.
[18/09, 9:04 AM] Asgar Fakhrudin: 6th Vaaz Mubarak Tassavurat

‘Ghail’ means surface water which is found in oceans, wetlands, lakes, streams etc: Ground water is that for which one has to strive to get it from the underground.
In Deen ‘Ilm’ is referred to as pure water which nourishes the mind and soul.
Doat kirams are ‘Ghail’ very assesible to mumineen who can easily quench their thirst for knowledge without much effort.
It is Aqa Moula’s karam that this Ashura he has willed that his ‘Ghail of Ilm Al’le Mohammad flowes freely in land of Malwa.
How easy is it for thousands to refresh their mind and souls. Alhamdulillah
Asgar Fakhruddin
[18/09, 7:28 PM] Asgar Fakhrudin: Salaam
Sending my Tassavura’t on Live relay from Indore today.

Sajadat us shukr va ubudiyat in Hazrat Aliyah Imamiyah be for live relay from Indore.
We mumineen received the barakaat of three Moulas in a single day.
Sharing my tassavura’t on the bayan Mubarak of Muqqadas Taher Saifuddin Moula. (RA)
Moula farmayu ke my DOA for noha va Aweel reach the children who are in the wombs and those that in coming years will be born in mumineen household.
My Moula I bear witness that your DOA Mubarak has reached my progeny.

On this day my three grandchildren are in the Hazrat of Muffadal Aqa and two of them are watching the live relay at Abu Dhabi and doing noha wa Aweel.

On the subject of DOA of waliullah transcending time and space I am sharing my tassavura’t of Ibrahim Nabi (SA) after building Ka’ba ascending on Mount Shafa and calling out

First live relay of Vaaz Mubarak from Colombo 1429 when I had penned my Tassavura’t
With each nida of Ya Husain rose thousands around the world, charged with emotions, flowing tears, buka and matam. We all became one with our Moula. Time, space and distance merged, for a single purpose.

In the very first relayed vaaz on Jumoa mumineen around the world were made aware of the exalted position of Doat-us-satr. Ibrahim Nabi (S.A.) received farman and ta’eed to construct Baitullah and there after to climb upon mount ‘safa’ and placing fingers in his ears to give ‘azan’ to call aloud to people to come towards Kaba.

In fact when Ibrahim Nabi (S.A.) was commanded to give ‘azan’ there were hardly anyone around the Kaba at that time, who would have heeded to his call. Aqa Moula (TUS) revealed the true significance of the event by stating that with Allah’s ta’eed it was possible for Ibrahim Nabi (S.A.) to carry his clarion call through out East and West, around the world. Those in the groins of their fathers, those to be born centuries later, said labayk, and as many times they said labayk, they received the boon of haj pilgrimage, that many times in their life.

Asgar Fakhruddin
[20/09, 9:13 AM] Asgar Fakhrudin: 8th Vaaz Mubarak Tassavura’t

Aqa Moula ye farmayu ke there are 4 lacs variety of flowers that attract bees and pollinating insects.

On this day of Ashura we mumineen world wide and in particular those in Malwa bilad are hovering around only one Rainbow Rose so lovingly nurtured by Hayyul Muqaddas Mohammad Burhanuddin Moula who himself was a Rainbow Rose of exquisite beauty, munifience, and spirituality around whome thousands hovered because in him contained the nectre of Gham e Hussain (SA)

A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula is the very same Rainbow Rose in which is contained the nectre of Gham e Hussain ( SA) His radiance is pure, his smile so mesmerizing.

In this Rainbow Rose contains the best ingredients found in Dandelions – Fennel – Lavender – Sunflower – White Clover etc:

Mumineen you are so very blessed. Just hover around him and imbibe all the traits of life that makes living worthwhile and Akherat all the more endearing and everlasting.

9th Vaaz Mubarak Tassavura’t.

Salaam e Jameel,

sharing my thoughts on Dua na Kalemaat – ‘ tamne ehva mumin karjo jehna vaste ‘shita’ (autumn) ni mausum ma bhi ‘rabi’ ( Spring ) hoi.

My mind immediately recalled two historical facts on reading which will make one realize how Moula’s Doa Mubarak works miracles and brings about transformation.

The outward circumstances may not be conducive but the doa of Waliu Allah brings about a transformative  change which benefits a mumin, his family at micro and the entire Ummah at macro levels.

When the mongol hoards were destroying every known vestige of humanity, culture and knowledge , so assiduously nurtured by Islam since the beginning of 8th Century, our revered Doat kirams occupied themselves in intellectual pursuit and enquiry of Tawheed, in the relative seclusion of Yemini mountains. (Yemen was the template of Indore Ashara Mubraka)

When Chengiz Khan was marauding Central Asia , during that time or thereabout Sayedna Hatim Mohiyuddin (RA) was engrossed in writing of 16 Dawat kutubs and his Mazoon Sayedna Mohammad Taher – known as ‘ bawisa’ na saheb was compiling 7 kutubs.

When Sayedna Moayyid Shirazi saheb with the raza Mubarak of Imam (SA) was imparting Fatemi Uloom to Sayedna Lamak bin Malik for four long years, that period Misr experienced the worst floods and famines.

Just two historical references out of thousands go to show that Moula ni Dua can bring about complete transformation. Yes the results may not be as one would like to be, it may take months or years to fruitation, Allah Knows best,  but it would have lasting ‘ spring effects’ .

In personal life have experienced many such incidents. Just sharing one so that you may also look inward in your life and find that when you were really down and out, a miracle happened, not exactly as you expected, but it changed your life for better because of Allah Willed it that way.

I recall running very high fever many years ago, the body was weak but during that period I happened to read a News Paper article on recent discoveries made on the Moon by Chandrayaan.

As I read like epiphany I came to understand just one aspect of how Moulana A’shir does tadbeer to bring fallen souls back to A’lam ul Ibda.

I felt so elavated and spiritually nourished that I took a long walk and enjoyed my reverie.


Asgar Fakhruddin


2 thoughts on “INDORE ASHARA- 1440

  1. very interesting and may Allah by the Wasila of our beloved Aqa Moula Ali Qadr(TUS) and Doat ul Mulaqeen and Aimmat Tahereen and Khamsat ul Atthar(AS) keep you in pink of health and happiness and may reward you in here after with all your wishes come true. Ameen… Abde SyednaM.Mohammed


  2. From the time i hv started attending ashara mubarak with my family
    Every minute spent in the world of Imam Hussain(AS) has enriched my soul like the smallest particle in this duniya and helped me understand and enlighten my soul what nothing to a very small insigficant something
    As i still hv a very long way to go
    Shukr in multitude by the infinite is also less in comparison to the now deepened understanding i have of my very being in this life


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