Az’harul Noha wa Aweel

For  the past three years on the irshadat’s of Ali Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula, we mumineen are doing ‘azm ‘ during Sehrullah to perform Az’harul Noha wa Aweel, each passing year with more understanding and intensity.

Our world has witnessed many holocosts and tragedies resulting from World Wars, Terrorist acts, where millions of innocent lives have been lost.

A recent illegal immigration tragedy in Austria were 70 persons were left to die in an abandon truck, the aurhorities alerted after a day when putrid liquid was seen coming out of the truck, gives us an idea of the horrible suffering of the and entrapped victims. Just give it a thought and it will send shivers down your spine.

All these human tragedies through centuries was as a result of expansion of powerful Nations under ambitious and wayward leaders to usurp power and wealth, by misguided people to impose their creed and beliefs. Humanity who suffered were victims of circumstances much beyond their control.

The martydom of Imam Hussain (SA) was for the emancipation of humanity at large. He was not a victim of  circumstances, he did not set out with his family for worldly gains and glories. He set out from Madinah fully aware of what was to befall him and his loyal followers in Karbala.

There are many circumstantial evidences available on his last journey.  True the people of Kufa and their leaders disgusted with the Ummayad Rulers who were bent on making mockery of Islam wrote letters inviting Imam Hussain ( SA) to Kufa and pledging their support, but Imam Hussain (SA) knew better.

At Thalabiyah (51 kms from Khuzamiyah) Imam Hussain received the news of the martyrdom of  Muslim and Hani.

At Zubalah Imam Hussain (SA) read out aloud to the people. He said ” Our Shiah in Kufa have abandon us. Those who want to part company with us are free to go without obligation. ”  People began to scatter away in all directions, only those few remained who received martydom at Karbala.

Here  I would like you to pause and reflect. A leader setting out on worldly quest, would surely not disclose to his followers the news that would make them part company. He would hold on to such news so that people to do not desert him.

At many places well wishers requested the Imam (SA) not to proceed to Kufah. To one well wisher at Batn al Aqaba Imam Hussain (SA) replied ” servant of Allah, sound decisions are not concealed from me – but the decree of Allah prevails”

It is precisely for this reason and many such reasons that our Moula knows better that we mourn Imam Hussain (SA) We mourn him for our own emancipation and the emancipation of our children, their children….

Our Awliyah Kirams have always exhorted us to mourn Imam Hussain ( SA) because he set out from Madina fully aware of his sacred mission, aware that inhuman deprivations and tragedies that his band of loyal followers and his family will suffer on the burning sands of Karbala.

In his martyrdom humanity has learnt the meaning of Tawhid and Tawakkul, resignation and submission to the Will of Allah, steadiness and steadfastness of purpose, of honour and dignity, of love of freedom, concern for mankind.

We mourn him because he is Imam ul Haq – the chosen of Allah. Just for a moment pause and reflect. Had Imam Hussain knowing fully well the tragedies that will befall on him and his family in Karbala, had not set out on this journey, would Islam in its true meaning and sense  as Allah had Willed and as Nabi ( SA) and Moulana Ali ( SA) had so untiringly worked to establish Deen would have been able to survive ?

Yazid (LA) and his misguided and vile band of Ummayads would have surely taken back the Ummah to the days of Jahiliyah.

We mourn him because he journeyed, being the true Imam to establish till the day of Kiyamat – Amr bil maroof wa nahi ‘anil munkar- enjoining good and forbidding evil, thereby safeguarding the teachings of Nabi (SA)

We mourn him because on the day of Ashura after burying masoom Ali  Asgar, and bidding final fare well to Imam Zainul Abedin (SA) he rode alone towards the enemy and cried out – ‘ hal min nasirin yansurna ?’ Is there anyone to help me ?

Here I would like you to pause and reflect. Was Imam Hussain (SA) seeking help from the enemy ? Was he seeking help from those who had after depriving his followers and family of water for three days and brutally killing his near and dear ones ? No. Never.

The loud and clear call of Imam Hussain (SA) ‘hal min nasirin yansurna’ was addressed to all the followers of Ahlul Bait for generations to come who will remember and mourn him, thereby upholding the Quranic principle of ‘amr bin maroof wa nahi ‘anil munkar ‘ and safeguarding Islam and the Glorious teachings of Quran.

‘Hal min nasirin yansurna ? ‘Hal min nasirin yansurna ? ‘

The call of Imam Hussain (SA) has been renewed by A’li Qadr Muffadal Saifuddin Moula once again this Sehrullah. Feel blessed mumineen that you are the chosen few who have said ‘labayk ya Moula’ with understanding and diligence.

Let us prepare ourselves to answer the Call of our Imam (SA) with flowing tears , heart rending wails and matam, let our household be the lofty perch of aza’dari e Hussain (SA)

We mourn Imam Hussain (SA) and why we mourn him each passing day ?

Imam Hussain’s uprising against the viles of Yazid (SA) was not personal, but universal covering the entire humanity. His mission was sacred inspired by powerful vision and insight. When all around was darkness and gloom, Imam Hussain (SA) and his dedicated band were the guiding light.

Let me conclude by narrating the report ascribed to Hilal  ibn Nafi’ who was the chronicler accompanying Umar ibn Sa’d.

He says I was amazed and astonished to observe that as his ( Imam Hussain SA) as his time of ‘sahadat’ drew near and his ordeals became severe, his countenance appeared to be more glowing and ruddier, like someone about to meet His Lord.

So we mourn him so that when our time comes to leave this world, the tears shed and the aza’dari of Imam Hussain (SA) will surely make our countenance glow, our soul will carol with joy, for the veil will be raised, and it will see things which cannot be witnessed with waking eyes.

Our tears and our aza’dari gladdens our heart , enriches our thoughts, makes us better human beings and nourishes our soul. Mourn him mumineen – mourn him with true understanding, let the tears flow and feel the spiritual glow.

Doa ni iltemas.

If you feel my ‘write up’ will help fellow brothers and sisters, mumineen, do share it please.

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One thought on “Az’harul Noha wa Aweel

  1. Very well written. It shows the determination, grit, firmness of Imam Husain in the path of God’s mission to do everything possible to salvage the human soul to its road to salvation, humanity to its road to become a complete human and the world to its road to universe,the angels of which will cherish the eternal soul and the stars of which will illuminate the man, who is Imam Husain.

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