Finally after many years of wishful thinking landed in US, a few hiccups months prior to departure were a cause of worry – for me it was now or never.

Thankfully I was able to travel and so very exited, and after 21 hrs of air travel including stop over, (with cheap air tickets you do not have the luxury of fast direct flights,)  I landed at Boston Logan.

Cambridge and Boston area have many Ivy colleges – there are in all two lacs students studying in 50 institutions.

I know US nowadays has many famous educational institutions, but being an old world guy, all my growing up years has fantisized about Harvard.

Sunday 14 th August 2017 will for ever be etched in my memory as I undertook the pilgrimage towards the hallowed grounds of Harvard College.

My hosts much younger in age to me were a little amused at my fantisizing  with Harvard.

I would like to share with my readers some history and snippets of Harvard College.

1643 –  John Harvard one of the original Pilgrim Fathers donated £2000 and ‘thus out of small beginning greater things have been produced by HIS HAND that made all things from nothing  ( now this is what I appreciate about the earlier founders) and that one small candle may light a thousand, so that the light here kindled hath shone many’

Sir Walter Midway to Queen Elizabeth ” I have set an acorn, which when it becomes an oak, God alone knows what will be the fruit thereof”

One of the first fruit was Harvard College in New England built on the edge of the wilderness in a colony just eight years old.

Today Widener Library is regarded as the largest University Library in the world holding 17 million volumes.

The Library is named after Harry Wilderner – Class of 1907 and avid collector of books, who did not survive the Titanic tragedy- but his mother survived and to honour the memory of her son founded the Library.

The mighty Titanic sank but a mother’s love for her avid book reader son, gave Harvard the biggest Library in the world.

Such are some interesting snippets of Harvard that I love to share.

1849 – April 25th Miss Sarah Pellet was the first woman to write a letter to Harvard seeking admission. To her request there is an interesting reply by the Dean – Jared Sparks worth reading.

Excerpt ‘ It may be a misfortune that an enlightened public opinion has not led to the the establishment of the higher order for the education of females ….’

1862 – Dec 9. Thomas Hill – The President of Harvard College respectfully writes to Hon. Abraham Lincoln – President of United States that Lincoln Junior was publicly admonished for smoking at Harvard Square – the word ‘publicly’ simply makes it my duty to inform you of the admonition ….’

Harvard has a rich past and has the world feels blessed.

Hereinbelow is the link for those interested to take a virtual tour of Harvard College.


I had dreamt of submitting my life passion  – ‘ The  Theory of Unification  –  Spirituality and Science meeting in higher dimension ‘ but being a down to earth guy knew it would be real difficult, but non the less carried it with me on the campus.

There were ‘ no takers’ and returned with Harvard cap and Tee shirt as memento of my first and probably the last visit of Harvard College.

My wife Rabab and myself are deeply indebted to my Brother in  law and sister – MurtazaB Ghadyali & Farida Ghadyali for being a wonderful and caring hosts, and we will for ever remain indebted to them. I have fallen in love with Franklin MA but knowing that all good things come to end, and I will be flying back with a lot of good memories. Alhamdolillah.

















One thought on “HARVARD DIARY

  1. It sure is your first Harvard visit but it may not be the last.
    Remember you have a 10 year USA visa stamped in your passport.
    And now you have learned the art of travelling too!!!!!!!!!!.
    Professor Asgar fakhruddin lokhandwala.The author of theory of unification.


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