7th Muharram 1438 H Dar es Salaam

Salaam e Jameel,

the worldwide community of mumineen and specially the fortunate and blessed in the hazarat of A’li Qadr Muffadal Moula (TUS) witnessed history in the making, as the true import of the moziza of Sayedi Fakhruddin Saheed unfolded before our very eyes. SubhanAllah ! SubhanAllah !

In the Vaaz Mubarak Aqa Moula referred to the pigeons being antidote to evil spirits, the souls in state of ecstasy and the Ode to the Soul written by Bu Ali Sina. Sharing some excerpts from the Ode to the Human Soul by Bu Ali Sina.

It descended upon thee from out of the regions above, That exalted, ineffable, glorious, heavenly Dove

Midst the sign posts and ruined abodes of this desolate world It weeps, when it thinks of its home and the peace it possessed

Thick nets detain it, and strong is the cage whereby
It is held from seeking the lofty spacious sky
Until, when the hour of of its homeward flight draws near, And it is time for it to return to it ampler sphere,
It carols with joy, for the veil is raised, and it spies
Such things as cannot be witnessed by waking eye

On the lofty height doth it warble it’s song of praise And so it returneth aware of all hidden things
In the Universe, while no stain to its garment clings

Now why from its perch on high was it cast like this To the lowest Nadir’s gloomy and drear abyss ?

The benign Saya of Muharram 1438 H is enveloping us all in it radiance. We mumineen know that our souls have left their lofty perch and for ever yearn to return from this ruined abodes and desolate place. It yearns to carol with joy, to witness the veil raised, and to spy on things, that cannot be witnessed by waking eyes.

Az’harul Noha wa Aweel as witnessed never before, through the flowing tears, the heart rending wails and matam the souls of mumineen carols with joy, for the veil is raised, and we witness miracles unfold, as one referred above. Each passing day of Muharram gladdens our heart, enriches our thoughts and nourishes our souls, and makes us cry out ‘Moula Moula Muffadal Moula’

Abde Sayedna (TUS)

Asgar Fakhruddin

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